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Product Review: Wantu App

Product Review: Wantu App

As you know, I’m always, always on the look out for great products that are pitched at families dealing with young kids. In my house right now, Ella is the Queen of art and craft. She is forever searching for activities to do that are creative and involve her imagination. Even though I am a Primary Teacher, I find it hard to find just the right activities to keep her happy and engaged. Sometimes they involve me, and some times they don’t. So when I came across Wantu, I was hooked. Much like we all struggle to think of what to cook each night, we also struggle to think of activities for our children. There are so many apps that help us to find great recipes that are quick and healthy for our families. Wantu is a mobile app designed to help parents find customised ideas for fun and interactive activities to do together with their 2 to 7 year olds. Whether you have just 15 or 30 minutes to spare, they’ve got your back!

Wantu is currently in free-beta, which means you can be the first to check it out, give feedback and be a part of their process to launch a more awesome app to keep helping parents find fun, learning centric activities to do with their kids.

For busy parents, this app is a must have that not only helps our brains, but also helps us spend quality time with our kids.

The idea is simple:

  1. you create a profile for each of your children,
  2. select whether you want a quick activity, or one that lasts a little longer
  3. select whether it is an indoor our outdoor activity
  4. select a few possibilities from a generated list, to help the app understand your child’s interests
  5. BAM! Do the activity!

Today, Ella and I created snowflakes from a simple piece of paper…


You can add each child as a profile to the app!
The Wantu app selected ‘Snowwflakes as our activity’
Step by step instructions…
Having fun together!!

With the school holidays coming up, you are sure to want something simple and fun to turn to, to help keep your little ones happy!

Download the app here and enjoy the endless fun. Best of all…its FREE!!! To find out more…check out the video below!

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And then she was five.

And then she was five.

Somehow, a few weeks ago, our Ella turned five. Five years old. In some ways it seems like a small number. However in my eyes, five years feels like my who life. How did we ever ‘be’ before our Ella? Before this little princess was born into this world, into our life? As a parent, when your babies are new, people tell you over and over to enjoy the time as it goes too fast. At the time, in the midst of feeling through the fog, you nod and smile without really understanding the gravity of it all. Fast forward five years and our little baby has grown into a girl. A beautiful soul who we love and adore. Who has, just these past few weeks showed us a new, courageous side to her personality. One where shyness steps aside to reveal a confident and capable girl who will no doubt, take on the world.

The thing is, I remember turning five vividly. I remember feeling so excited about having a party to celebrate being five years old. It made me think about the fact that Ella will now remember these times as an adult. She will remember the feeling, the happiness, the joy of being a child. Of celebrating with family. Turning five is a big milestone.  These really are the times to cherish.

So we gathered a few close family and friends in our local Harleston Park to celebrate the occasion a few weeks back. Celebrating birthdays at local parks is something that I love doing. Enjoying being outside, playing. enjoying each others’ company. If you are lcuky enough to live in the Caulfield area in Melbourne, then you may or may not know about this gem of a park. It not only has a fabulous park, but a man made water creek where kids can dip their feet and play. I hired the rotunda and we brought some delicious treats made with love from local businesses including cookies by Frosted By Nicci and our cake by Nerida’s cakes. We also had facepainting again by the incredible, and oh so affordable Jenny from Little Sparks entertainment. Ella squealed with delight as she ran around in her gorgeously gold dress, brought home from Japan by her Dad on his recent trip. She smiled from ear to ear as she had her face painted with her kinder friends.

Here are some precious snaps of her celebration!

Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Waiting to wake up….
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Lucky Girl!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Happy Ella After 5th Birthday Paw Patrol
The cake! By @Nerida’s Cakes
paw patrol cookies
THE most amazing cookies ever by @frostedbyNicci
Dog bone anyone? Created by my amazing friend Kelly!
Face Painting
Jenny from Little Sparks, adding a touch of sparkle to little one’s faces!
My best mate and I will adore watching our children grow up together!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
My beautiful family
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Dancing Buddies: Big Ella & Little Ella
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Cray Cray
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Mates forever!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Korber Girls x
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Daddy’s Princess
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Aunty Monga!
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Our Birthday Girl
Happy Ella After 5th Bithday
Such a great day!

Ella darling, I hope you feel loved and full of joy. You are such a kind, generous and giving soul. You always want to help others and do the right thing. We hope that your continue to grow to love who your are, find your passions and know that you can do anything!

Love Mum

The Christmas guide: gifts they’ll want, need, wear and read!

The Christmas guide: gifts they’ll want, need, wear and read!

It’s almost Christmas time once more. Hashtag joy, hashtag chaos, hashtag busy. Busy, busy, busy. This year I’ve had to be extra organised as I recover from hip surgery. For me that has meant knowing that I can’t drive for 2-3 weeks and at Christmas time this could mean disaster. So if I can’t go to the stores myself to do my Christmas shopping, then I guess I need to make it come to me. I’m pleased to report that I’ve done all of the shopping I need for Santa, and have had it delivered straight to my door. Honestly, what did we do before online shopping? God knows!

This year, whilst I’m spoiling my children more than usual in an effort to try to make this Christmas a little happier than years gone by, I’ve discovered a fantastic giving ritual that can help you to contain the excitement, and save a little money too. The idea is that you buy four presents. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. Granted, that my children may receive more than one present in each category…the sentiment behind it is lovely. I’ve also discovered that some families give their children an empty box with a tag ‘ something to give’. Children are encouraged to go through their toys following Christmas and donate to charity. The act of giving, either in the lead up to, or following Christmas is something that we all should instil in our children.

So below are some of my best buys and finds for my children Ella (4) and Hudson (2) under each of the giving categories. Some are snapped by moi on the run as I hide them from my kids, and others are taken directly from their website as they are either too large to snap incognito, or require some assembly from…um…Santa / aka Dad.

Something they want

This year Ella is obsessed with all things Barbie. She is the quintessential girly, girl and loves to dress up, mix and match her dolls. So when Barbie brought out their new ew Fashionistas dolls, which feature a range of new body types, hair colours and styles, skin colours and eye colours. They also have great outfits, so Ella can mix and match. Priced from $12 they are really reasonably priced.

Barbie Happy Ella After fasionistas Kmart


A girl can’t have barbies without a dollhouse to play in! The new ‘mansion’ dollhouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed especially to fit Barbies. It even has a lift! Ella may just be receiving this one from KidKraft underneath the tree…put together by Santa himself!


Something they need

For both of my kids, you can’t go passed play dough. Tactile, tangible, terrific. There is something about giving your kids new tubs of play dough. They just love opening the new colours of squishy, untouched dough. Perfectly soft and subtle. I will be loading their stockings up with tubs bought from Target.

They also love drawing, but I struggle to get them to focus on their own posters on their small play able. These giant colouring posters from OMY are genius. Huge patterns and pictures, you can put them on the wall or chuch them on the floor. Hours of fun! Available from Leo & Bella here for $25.95. 

OMY poster Happy ella After Christmas omy-giant-coloring-posters-magic-kids-play

When it comes to useful gifts that actually HELP with something, this one takes the cake. In our house, we have needed the gift of sleep more than anything. In the last few months our little man has finally turned the corner. I don’t know how or why. We haven’t done anything different, except use this little gadget that I think has been the little thing that has helped enormously. The Gro Egg light and monkey cover from the Gro Company has given Hudson a sense of comfort and safety. It works in two ways. Firstly as a soft night light that helps little ones feel secure when they wake in the night.You can use it as an egg, or pop on their adorable little covers, making the little characters come to life.  It also changes colour depending on the temperature in the room. The second clever operation is the fact that it keeps track of the temperature in the room, indicating which GroBag to wear for their level of comfort. Genius. So if you’ve got, or know a little one who is still struggling with sleep, then this may just be your answer. Available in shops nationally, but you can also check it out here. 

Gro Egg Happy Ella After screenshot-2016-12-01-10-56-34

Something to wear

For me, you can’t go passed Cotton on Kids for variety, colour and quality. Their prices are so affordable, and these days their discount sales run almost every fortnight. My Ella is literally obsessed with wearing ‘spinny’ dresses almost every day, so this gold pom pom dress will be on high rotation all summer I would think!

Cotton on Kids Dresses Happy Ella After


In terms of ‘wear’ my kids are also needing bigger and more robust back packs. For kinder and sleep overs at Nanna’s you can’t go passed Smiggle for their new range. Gorgeously bold and bright, with dozens of their signature zippers, there is a space and a place for everything. I love the handle on the top which means they can carry it in their hands and their straps are adjustable to fit almost any child! Throw in a few packs of their equally rad pencils, and you are good to go.

Smiggle Happy Ella After Back Pack Christmas

And finally every kid needs some cool pyjamas to wear at Christmas time. These awesome Batman Pj’s from Peter Alexander from Warner Bros are the perfect ‘jammies’ this summer. They even come in a super cool bag that the kiddies can use and reuse! You’ll also notice the cool batman eye mask from Typo….perfect for sleeptime!

Peter Alexander Superhero Batman Happy Ella After Typo


Something to read

For Ella…she adores, adores, adores the Ella Bella Ballerina series. If you have a little dancer in your house, then you cannot go past this gorgeousness. In each of the four titles, Ella Bella begins her dance lesson in class with Madame Rosa and ends up being swept up into the beauty of one of four famous ballets: Cinderella, Swan Lake, the Nutcraker and Midsummer Night’s dream. Beautifully illustrated they are the perfect length for a young child who loves ballet. Perfect for bed time dreaming. Available from Booktopia.

screenshot-2016-12-01-15-49-23 screenshot-2016-12-01-15-54-28

Huddy is tactile and still loves the ‘That’s not my series’. This Christmas I’ve added a few new titles to our collection including ‘That’s not my’…..tiger, tractor, plane and Santa!. For an extra sense of fun….find the mouse!

That's not my



Both of these titles are available from The Book Depository or Booktopia.

To finish…i couldn’t complete this post without a mention of Arlo & Co and their gorgeous SIMPLICITY bamboo gift tags. Personalized for each type of gift, you can label your presents with ..

  • something you want
  • something you need
  • something to wear
  • something to read

Christmas Happy Ella After

Available here for $25, you are supporting an amazing local Mum. Remember that including local products in your gifts this Christmas actually puts a smile on the face of a small family. The support system of those, who like myself, run small businesses for the love of it. So when you can, include local, small businesses in your shopping this Christmas.

We all WANT  and NEED some love this time of year. I hope you both give and receive it in bucketloads.


Product Review: Food Babies Love – Fresh Pots

Product Review: Food Babies Love – Fresh Pots

Mum Life = busy, crazy, love fuelled chaos. Before you have children you think that you will have it all sorted. Once you have them you realise that some days you’ve got things sorted (well, sort of), and other days you are just trying to survive. No matter what happens in our busy daily lives however, the one thing that I want for my children is to eat well. Eat food that is nutritious, but is easy to prepare.

Despite the best intentions, life gets in the way and it’s not always easy for parents to cook meals for their children which leaves the majority of parents relying on pre-packed foods. Unfortunately for most parents,the ready-made options available in store, including well-known baby food brands, are heat blasted allowing them to sit on the shelves for up to 18 months – so whilst convenient, important nutritional value is lost.

What’s even worse, explains best-selling Author, entrepreneur, Melbourne-based baby food expert and mother of 3, Emily Dupuche, is that “There are whole fridges dedicated to fresh pet food in supermarkets, but you can’t find any fresh baby food. It is unacceptable. Busy parents today deserve access to convenient, fresh, nutritious meals for their children with less salt, sugar and preservatives. We don’t buy meat off the shelf to eat, so we shouldn’t have to serve our babies just that.” Whilst I’m not a Mum who is super fussy about what types of food my children eat, I do want my children to have a balance of healthy meals that also taste great. I’ve shared some products that I’ve found before on my blog, and am thrilled today to share another great product that can save Mums and their babies everywhere!

Food Babies Love Fresh Pots

Dupuche has been fostering healthy eating habits in children and inspiring parents for 5 years. Dupuche’s first book, Food Babies Love (published by Pan MacMillan) has sold over 10,000 copies, made popular for it’s easy and delicious real food ideas to suit parents looking for strategies and solutions to feed babies the good food they need to thrive.

The popularity of the Food Babies Love guide and demand from parents looking for more food babies love, motivated Dupuche to take the favourite recipes from the guide and launch Food Babies Love – Fresh Pots – an Australian-first range of readily available FRESH baby and toddler meals.

Food Babies Love – Fresh Pots, is a range of convenient, nourishing baby and toddler food, offering time-poor parents peace of mind and the much needed opportunity to feed their babies fresh, wholesome and quick meals without compromising on nutrition, flavour and taste. It’s simple, real food that is kitchen fresh and exactly like home-made food.

“Mums want to know what ingredients they are feeding their children and how it has been prepared. With Fresh Pots the process and ingredients are transparent. We’ve taken the favourite recipes from the guide and prepared them fresh for parents. Being time poor doesn’t need to mean poor quality food for our children,”.

Food Babies Love Fresh Pots


Screenshot 2016-07-01 15.16.50

Dupuche has also chosen to package the meals in clear pots rather than pouches, specifically to stimulate all the senses of a growing baby including sight, smell and texture – key stimulants for developing palettes, interest and a healthy relationship with food. The 200g tamper-proof pots are microwavable and freezable and come in three distinct ages and stages. Early proteins for 6 plus months, textured meals for 7 plus months and toddler meals for 10 plus months.

There are 7 delicious varieties in the range. The range includes Lentil Dahl, Fish Pie, Curry, family favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognaise and more. Our favourite was definitely the chicken curry. I loved it too!

Screenshot 2016-07-01 15.17.02

Screenshot 2016-07-01 15.18.21

Food Babies Love – Fresh Pots can be found in the refrigerated section of select supermarkets and grocers along the Eastern Seaboard with the option of weekly home delivery for Melbournians. RRP $6.45 and the book is also available in stores or via their website for $25. To purchase visit the store here:


Facebook: foodbabieslove

Instagram: @foodbabieslove

Until we meet again….

Until we meet again….

This is one of those posts that I wish I didn’t have to write. That said, I write it with mixed emotions. Sadness, pride, happiness, gratitude. Last week we sadly lost our Nan, Nola Patricia Chadwick. 93 years young, she was an inspiration having raised (along with my Pop), 5 children, including my Mum. They then went on to have seventeen grand children and ten great grand children. By far one of my most treasured memories is the relationship she had with my Mum. A beautiful, loyal and loving partnership that I hope I can nurture for many years to come.


Those of us who are lucky enough to have their Grandparents with us in our adult years, know the heartache that comes with the time that you have to say goodbye. She has been here for so long, I just assumed that she would be here forever. People give words of comfort, with many praising the fact that ‘she had a good innings’. It’s meant to be easier when people are older, but for me, she has been here my whole life, and so it makes it harder to believe that she is no longer here.

Following her funeral last week,  I wanted to share some of my beautiful memories of Nan, in particular so that my children can read back in years to come and hopefully add to their own memories of her. There is so much to say, and I’ve struggled to think  and put into words what I want to say. So I’ve turned to the words shared by my cousin Sinead in her eulogy for Nan last week. With her permission, I’ve asked if I can share her sentiments, as they were perfect. As the youngest grand daughter, she summarised and share our love of Nan to a packed church. She gave those present a glimpse into a wonderful life of happy moments, and memories that we will cherish forever.


This is written for my family, for my children in years to come. To read and reflect on the life of an amazing women….in the words of Sinead Govan. My beautiful cousin.


Shared by Sinead Govan.

Today I stand here as Nan’s youngest granddaughter on behalf of 16 grandsons and daughters and 10 great grandchildren. We are truly privileged people to have had our Nan in our lives, from our childhood days to adult days Nan would do everything and anything she can for us.

We loved everything about our Nan, the flat lemonade she would give us when we came over, drawing with us on the blackboard in Balmoral ave, knitting lessons, her amazing hugs and phone calls-which she would always have to be reminded, to put her hearing aids in when on the phone and Nan’s rule about not calling between 4:30-5pm from Monday to Friday because that’s when Bold and the Beautiful was on – it didn’t take long before Nan actually took her phone off the hook for that half hour. Nan’s love and obsession for fashion – clothes (only from Fella Hamilton), shoes, and pearls – all of course which she hid from Pop when a new purchase had been made.  I myself would often take Nan shopping, it would be a slow walk in to the shops but once she was in all you could ever see was this little head bopping from rack to rack.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.52.49

Along with Nan’s passion for fashion she did not like any sort of baggy clothes on her grandchildren- Hamish once turned up at Nan’s in a pair of baggy pants, so she made him take them off so she could fix them – she cut them into ankle freezers and that was last of them for Hamish.

There was also nothing like going to Nan’s and stealing all her liquorice cubes and butterscotch lollies, she would always catch you doing it but she’d always let you keep going.

Our Nan knew everyone in Essendon, even if you didn’t live in Essendon yourself, she knew someone related who did, and of course everyone knew Nan because as she would say “she was a hot drop”.

The story of how my Nan and Pop met is a classic, and mainly because every time Nan would tell it to you she would say how she would play the field, she’d always have a man at the front door and one at the front gate but it was a man on a motorbike who stole her heart.


Nan was a lady of the stage, a beautiful singer, at Sunday mass and when playing the organ is when we all got to hear her sing at the top of her lungs. It was always a special time after mass to sit down and have a cuppa with Nan, young Majella would often go with Nan to mass and Nan just loved showing off another beautiful great granddaughter.


Nan loved when all the family would get together- all 40+ of us, she even still loved us after one Christmas where we dunked in the pool fully clothed.

Nan loved nothing more than cheese, sweets and baileys! Patrick had his first ever Baileys with Nan and we she handed it to him he said “Nan don’t we have it with milk?” Nan just replied with “No Pat we have it with ice”

Each time a grandchild turned 21 she would say “oh I just wanted to see you turn 21”well Nan you saw us all graduate high school, turn 21 and start having our own children. Of course along the way with 16 grandchildren Nan would get confused with names and call me Jane, Jane Shae and Justine Jane.

Nan loved her Essendon Bombers and her footy, she was a very happy woman when Dyson Heppell was playing as he was her pin up boy.

Scan 2016-4-29 0010

Nan was very proud of her Irish heritage, so Nan as your black-haired Irish girl, I’ll finish with an Irish Blessing –

May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind always be at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we met again, may God hold in the palm of his hand.


Nan would be so proud of you Sinead for your beautiful words. We all are.

Until we meet again Nan…..

Thanks for the bold and the beautiful memories

Love you










Photo 26-04-2016 4 33 08 pm

Operation Slow Down

Operation Slow Down

This past week has seen me sit still for longer than I have done in the previous few years combined. Last Monday I had hip surgery to repair a tear in the cartilage, and also to shave down a bump on my femur which was inevitebly causing more damage each time I bent the joint. It was an operation that I knew I had to have for a year, and one which I met with great anxiety and worry, not so much because of the operation itself, but because of the recovery which I had been told would be at least six weeks on crutches, with no picking up of my children. Ever. When I was told about this last June, I literally laughed. I mean, I am the Mum of an almost four year old, and more to the point, a one year old boy who had just learned to walk. No driving. Time off work. Since then we had planned every inch of the time post surgery. We had organised a timetable of help, of baby sitters, of food. To help both myself to rest and recover, but also to help my beautiful husband who was inevitebly going to pick up the slack, whilst also going back to work himself after our summer holidays.

FullSizeRender 13

So Monday came and went, and whilst I am so, so glad it is over, it was a shock to hear from my surgeon that things were worse than first thought, with little cartilage left in my hip due to advanced arthritis. It must have been all the years of dancing on podiums at nightclubs. Wink, wink. No seriously, I have been left in absolute awe of my family and support network this past week, as they have helped me with both the major things, and the small things that make a great difference. Simply phone calls to see if I’m ok. Simple suggestions of how people can help. My husband. My husband. My Mum and Mother in Law who have tag teamed, minding our children. Our siblings who have played with the kids so that they honestly have felt as though nothing is wrong. To tell you the truth the thought of being ‘stuck’ at home, with my own company is enough for me to cry normally, but I have enjoyed and appreciated this quiet time to rest and recuperate whilst knowing that the kids are still having fun.

You see I think that it was actually the world telling me more than the fact that I needed a hip operation. I think the ‘operation’ was a decoy for forcing me to slow down. 2015 was a great year, but it was also a great year of stress and anxiety for me emotionally. To be honest, there were weeks were I felt as though I was just keeping my head above the water. I, along with my husband were trying to live life on little to no sleep. It really took its toll on me towards the end of the year, and forced me to reassess my priorities.  After my second stay at Masada hospital with Hudson, and with little success, I decided to listen to the professionals and get some help. Help both for me to deal with how I was feeling, and help in terms of strategies to deal with easing the load.

Motherhood Operation Slow Down


Those who know me, know that I like to be around people, and I like to be involved. I have total FOMO (fear of missing out). I need to be connected to people, I need to keep up to date with ‘what is happening’ in my work, in my social life, in my online life. Being connected is an incredibly valuable thing, but it can turn on you if you don’t know how to disconnect. Disconnect your need to live an active life from the need to be involved in everything to the expense of your health. I’ve done my best to keep my head above the water, and to keep the balls in the air. My problem is that when I went on maternity leave with both of my children, I started two hobbies (my blog, and my print business), to give my brain a break from thinking about nappies and breast feeding. The thing is that these two hobbies took on a life of their own, and whilst this has been amazing (who wouldn’t want a business to go gang busters?), it’s meant that my time has been stretched, particularly when I went back to work. Being a Mum is tough at times, but juggling this along with being a wife, sister, friend, employee, blogger and small business owner inevitebly took it’s toll. Something had to stop. Something had to change. In the end, it was my body that gave out. My hip, in terrible pain led me to the path of surgery, and with it a consideration of how else I could slow down.

So in 2016 I am stepping from being a Deputy Principal for a while. I’m still working in my role has learning & teaching leader (head of curriculum). It was a really, really, really hard decision to make…for someone who loves their job and is honestly proud of the achievements I’ve made. Mothers who have to make the choice between work and family can understand that for some, this brings enormous anxiety and sadness. That said, I know it is the right choice. Putting my family first. Putting my health first. My children will only my little for a little amount of time. I need to treasure those moments. I need to not wish the time away, to a time when they will sleep through, or be more independent.

I define myself as many things, but I shouldn’t let these things define me and how I feel. I need to be ok with change, and pressing the pause button for a while. It doesn’t mean I’m not capable. It just means I’m being careful and mindful. So with this in mind, I will use this first blog post of the year to try to commit to being in the moment with my children. I will try to be kind to myself and not worry about pleasing everyone. I will try to stop. Slow Down. I might need help along the way, but being forced to stay put at this point in time, and not physically being able to walk is a good start I guess.

Looking forward to a year of happiness, health, humour and home.


I hope you can hear me…

I hope you can hear me…

The last few months has, in some ways, been a journey that parents kind of wish they didn’t have to go through. It’s hard for me to write about, firstly because, well. it’s still hard to come to terms with, but also secondly, because I feel a great sense of guilt for feeling sad about something that I know could be a great deal worse. Still, as a Mum, I just want my children to have the best of everything. The best of opportunity, the best of happiness and most of all the best of health. We all do, and when things don’t go perfectly, there is a little ping inside your heart that hurts.

As a Prem baby, we already knew that he was going to have a few issues, most of which paled into insignificance when it came to the struggles of other very premature babies. At five weeks early, our little man was tiny, weighing in at 2kg and spent some time in special care nursery, learning to feed and put on weight. It was a hard time for us, and we had to get used to the experience of him coming into the world in a very different manner in which his sister arrived. That said, he was in the best care, and we knew that we were lucky. When Hudson was three days old, as all new babies are in Australia (thank God) he was screened for hearing. He failed the test and after it was repeated with the same result, we were refereed to an audilogy clinic for futher testing.

That beautiful windy smile!
our beautiful boy

I hate admiting it, but i spent those first few weeks googling my heart out. Trying to make myself feel better about his possible deafness. Trying to work out why it had happened. There was no family history.  Trying to tell myself that it could be much worse. I don’t mean to upset anyone as I write this, but I was devastated. We were both so confused. I felt like I had some part to play, and was trying to find a way to explain it to my Husband. Finally after attending a clinic, and being assessed as having mild deafness, we were relieved to find that it was unlikely that he would require ‘intervention’. Months of testing has ensued as the process proves difficult to complete on babies, and especially restless boys who like to squirm. Initial testing gave way to him needing to show us what he could hear. All in all, he can hear. He responds to his name. He is starting to make sounds. He claps. He waves. All seems well.

Except the fact that he misses approximately 20% of the high pitch, soft sounds required for normal speech development. Needing the audiologists to explain what this means and then having to explain it to family has been really hard. It means that there is a possibility that he is missing out on hearing some of the sounds that he needs to speak properly, and therefore have normal conversation. What makes it hard is the fact that he cannot tell us right now exactly what he can and can’t hear. At this age he is learning to speak, and therefore does not have the ability to show us exactly what he is capable of.

Technology is amazing, but it is also frustrating. Children with Hudson’s type of hearing loss often go undetected, and become children who either cope and get by, or struggle. I don’t want that for my little boy. I don’t want him to struggle in any way. I know, of course he will, in lots of ways…all kids do. It’s totally normal. However hearing for the first time that our little man needs hearing aids to help him hear everything he needs to, has made me really test my ability to remain rational and sensible. He WILL be fine. It COULD be so much worse. He is so lucky to be living in a country where children who are deaf not only get amazing support, but get the support for FREE! It’s not something I’ve written about or shared with people beyond our family and friends, until now. Given the fact that we got them yesterday, it’s something that has become our real reality…and I want it to be positive.

That said, I just want my baby to fly, to be happy, to kick ass and conquer the world. I want him to play footy. To play an instrument. To wrestle. To swim. To do what ever his heart desires. The moment I heard that he had to wear hearing aides made my heart sink, and questions whether or not he will be able to do all of those things. Of course I know, he will. He can do what ever he wants. I just need to stick to listening to my sensible self and know that everything will be ok.

There is a great possibility that he may not need them forever. Every parent who has a child who has been through this surely must also go through a similar set of emotions. Confusion, grief, sadness, acceptance. I’m trying to stay optimistic, and know that there is nothing I’ve done to make things this way. It’s just the way it is.


I just want Hudson to be able to hear the glorious world. The cheer of the crowd at the footy. The sound of running water. Amazing music. Beautiful birds singing. His sister laughing. Most of all, I hope he can hear us tell him over and over how much we love him. Heck, if he needs hearing aides to do that, then that is just fine.

So yesterday our little man was fitted with his hearing aides. The team at Hearing Australia have been amazing and we’ve been equipped with knowledge and everything we’ll need to get him started. It’s going to be a long process of him getting used to them. They told us that we will need to use the three P’s – Persistence, Practice and a great deal of patience. Today our little man wore them both for a whole 20 minutes before pulling them out. That was amazing in our eyes. Baby steps. Onward and Upward.


Hudson, we love you mate. To the moon and back. You can do and achieve what ever your little heart desires. We’ll make sure of it.