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Superhero Celebration – Hudson’s First Birthday

Superhero Celebration – Hudson’s First Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated in Superhero Style for Hudson’s 1st Birthday. For his entire first year, we were slightly obsessed with decorating his bedroom in all things Superhero, so it wasn’t surprising that we decided to keep the theme going for his birthday celebration. We gathered a small group of family and friends and encouraged the kids to dress up as their favourite superheroes. It was the most beautiful sight to see little Supermen and Captain America’s running around, having such fun. We decided to have the celebration at a local neighbourhood house, and an outside playground gave the toddlers a chance to run around and let off some superhero steam. Given the fact that I had just returned to work, my aim was to make the day as stress free as possible. So I started early, and turned to my trusty Etsy friends for decoration inspiration. I downloaded personalised invitations and decorations at a very affordable price (Invitation was $10, and decoration pack was $20). I then set about laminating and cutting to help create a fabulous lolly treat table in the theme colours of red, blue and yellow. Lollies and treats from my childhood, simple balloons and block colour table decor. The piece de resistance was the cake I had made by Nerida’s cakes –  an amazing creation made from a photo that I sent her of a similar cake I’d seen on Pinterest. It was amazing.

Whilst Hudson is too young to really understand the importance of this day, we hope that he can look back on these photos and see the love around him on that day. Here are some of my favourite parts of the day…


My beautiful family…


Hudson and his wonderful grandparents!


The Superhero Sweets Table….


Lollies for everyone!!!


The amazing cake!!!


The lolly bags…


Superhero Cupcakes…


Personalised water to hydrate our superheroes…


The gorgeous invites…


Our little man having a ball!!!


My boys…Batman & Clarke Kent


It was a wonderful day. A day we’ll remember forever.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the ideas you’ve seen above, please email me at xx


and then, he was One.

and then, he was One.

And then…he was One.

A year ago today, you came into our life. Five weeks early, you just couldn’t wait. Couldn’t wait to see all of the wonderful things waiting for you. For your beautiful big sister to beam at you, and love you adoringly. What a year it has been, little man. Full of magic, mayhem and milestones. It feels like yesterday, and yet so long ago that I can’t remember a  time that you were not in our life, and we were not a family of four. You caught us by surprise. Delivered healthy, but small. Your size did not stop you from showing the world what you were made of. It feels like forever ago that we ventured into hospital, day and night to feed you, hold you and will your stronger. It feels like a lifetime ago that your little feeding tube came out. There to help you feed and grow stronger. The nurses who gave us updates throughout the day. Who loved you when we were gone. Who still, to this day keep in touch. I guess that just shows how loved you are.

Loved right from the start. You have given us so much love, and we have loved you to the moon and back. Our family of three instantly becoming a family of four. Our little pigeon pair. So much joy, we burst at the seams. You have helped us to realise how strong we are, and how much we love being your parents. Not without determination, right from the start you set about challenging us, to prove that we could do it. Endless nights of no sleep, colic, rocking, swaying, walking, pacing. We tried so hard to help you through, and through we made it. Little man, we have come such a long way and now your smiling face beams with happiness as you show us what you are made of.

Little man you are, but big in heart you shine. You have grown strength to strength. We have come so far, and yet it feels like yesterday. The mountains that your Dad moved to help give you the home you deserved, and now you crawl along the hallway as though it was your little kingdom.

I did not know true happiness before you and your sister. Seeing your beautiful Dad hold you both in his arms. Having you say his name, melts my heart each time. Hearing your sister tell you she loves you.

Hudson, in years to come I hope you look back on these words and these photos and know how much joy you have brought into our life. We are so blessed to have  you as our son, and I cannot wait to see you grow in the years to come. You have the most wonderful family around you, who would do anything for you.

I cannot believe it has been a whole year. 365 days and nights. And yet, here we are…..

IMG_7240 IMG_7416 IMG_7326 IMG_5575 IMG_5544 IMG_4954 IMG_4885 IMG_4879 IMG_4865 IMG_4769 IMG_2941 IMG_2997 IMG_4240

Happy Birthday little man. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of us. We love you to the moon and back.

Love Mum, Dad and Ella.




Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

It’s taken me a little while to get back to Ella’s blog after a couple of weeks of frantic work, and preparing for my dear friend’s wedding. I completley forgot to post some gorgeous images of our family celebration on Ella’s actual birthday. It was a intimate and love filled night with Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and her Godmother. Ella was (again) the centre of attention from the moment she woke up, till the second her precious little head hit the pillow. A year has come and gone, and Ella’s huge smile said it all…..

The little drummer girl…


Opening her presents…


Her beautiful Tutu from her gorgeous Godmother…


Cuddles from Buba..


Cuddles with Nanna…


Blowing our her Birthday candles with Mum & Dad!!


The first of many more happy birthdays to come!




Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Today we wish our beautiful baby girl Ella, a Happy 1st Birthday. In years to come, I hope you read this and see, how much joy you have brought into our life. A year ago today, your were born at 12.20pm at the Freemason’s Hospital in Melbourne. From that moment on, you have opened up a world that your Dad and and I did not know existed – a world of endless joy and laughter. Each day you bring us smiles that fill our hearts. Your funny laugh, your gorgeous red hair and your cheeky personality, we are simply so blessed to have you in our life.

Looking back over these photos, you have grown so much already.  We are so proud of you.

Happy First Birthday Ella Moo xx










Love Mummy xxxooo

How sweet it is….

How sweet it is….

On Saturday we held Ella’s 1st Birthday party! Although her real birthday isn’t until tomorrow, the day was perfect to celebrate with family and friends. With over twenty babies and young children arriving on the dot at my Mums house in Essendon, the party was our first taste of what is to come in the years ahead. This blog is my chance to document and capture wonderful memories as Ella grows up and I cannot believe that the milestone of her first birthday party has come and gone. After weeks of preparation, for what we hoped would be a ‘low key’ affair, the day was a great success. I certainly have a new found respect for parents who host birthday parties, and at the end of the day we shared a quiet celebratory drink with my Mum and Dad, as Ella slept peacefully.

I know that Ella won’t remember the day itself, but I hope that the following pictures help her to realise that there was a lot of love in the air. And it was all for her….

Ella was dressed in her first party outfit by her Aunty Mon and Jane – a gift for Christmas was a beautiful white silk dress with humingbirds. Her shoes were also a present from Aunty / Cousin Lisa – a tradition in our family…IMG_3354


Nearly walking….


Ella’s Sweet Shoppe – all the work was worth it! a Big thanks to Vens Paperie for the decoration inspiration!



IMG_3296 IMG_3286


The Cake!!! Peppa Pig thanks to Cake 2 the Rescue!


Ella’s 1st Birthday Memory canvas….inspired by this one on Pinterest!


Laughing with Great Nanna Nola….


Cuddles with Daddy…


Happy Birthday!!!!


A big thankyou to my Mum and Dad for hosting, and for Dan’s parents for helping to make the day possible. A huge shout out to my sisters and my friend Cait, for helping to laminate, cut and primp all of the decorations! Thanks also to my friend Amy, for the cake tips! And finally, a big thankyou to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate….it was a wonderful day to remember. Ella was so spoilt and I’m sure that she will look back over these photos in years to come and see how much she is truly loved.

Screen Shot 2013-02-17 at 4.15.35 PM