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Ella Loves Local: Kate from YorkeLee Prints

Ella Loves Local: Kate from YorkeLee Prints

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I daily come across new brands and inspiring images. A few weeks ago YorkeLee Prints caught my eye. Kids’ prints are ‘so hot right now’ as parents everywhere share images of their child’s nursery adorned with cute images and words of wisdom. Everyone knows that I’m avid lover of Superheros and Kate’s ‘I’m small but quick’ print jumped off the screen and into my wishlist of things I (still) want for Hudson’s room. After contacting Kate is soon became clear that she is another example of a Mum who has trusted her instinct and gone with her passion talent. A gorgeous range of prints for girls, boys and unisex rooms that is ever growing. What sets her prints apart is the fact that they are so affordable, and come in a range of sizes.  Here is a selection of some of my favourites (note that each print is monogramed with her logo, but when purchased they are logo free)…

My favourite, and the one that caught my eye…’Bolt’

Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.07.35


‘Pack leader’


Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.07.09

‘Arrow Heart’

Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.07.25


Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.07.52




Screenshot 2014-10-14 14.08.41

Gorgeous prints and a gorgeous Mum behind them…

1. What inspired you to start YorkeLee?

I started YorkeLee Kids Prints after trying to find creative, unique prints and decor for my two boys’ rooms, I found it surprisingly hard, particularly for boy’s decor, there is a lot of pretty decor for girl’s rooms but not a lot for boys. When I did find some, they were totally out of my price range, so I went on a mission to create unique, affordable prints for kids bedrooms.

2.How do your juggle business and family?

One of the big reasons that I decided to work from home was to have better work life balance, I wanted to be able to see my boy’s grow and I am lucky enough to be in an industry that allows me to work from home. At times, it is definitely not easy, I have learned that it is essential to separate my day’s into “work time” and “family time”, I allocate a specific amount of time each day to work, I have specific hours that I work, for example, I work most mornings until 12pm then in the afternoon I dedicate the time to playing with the boys, activities, going for a walk or to the park.

3. What has been your proudest moment so far?

I don’t like to take anything for granted, so I feel proud of what I am achieving everyday. I don’t think there is a specific “proud” moment, but it is so humbling to have such amazing support from my family, friends, followers and buyers. I am very passionate about what I do and I feel very proud that people love my designs.

4. What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is time, I feel like I need an extra 24 hours in each day to get everything done! I also want to make sure I spend enough time with my boys and remember the reason I first started YorkeLee Kids Prints, it is so easy to get caught up with Social Media and loose sight of what’s important in life.

5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

I just love Albert Einsteins quote – “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious” If you love what you do and have passion, you will find a way and make it work. I guess my advise is ‘just do it’.

  1. What are three words to describe YorkeLee?

Unique, Creative & Affordable

7. What is your favourite product in your line?

I have so many favourite prints at the moment, but i just LOVE ‘Pack Leader’!

8. Pay it forward…YorkeLee loves….

YorkeLee Kids Prints Loves Project T-Bear, handmade, customizable modern bits for modern babies! Love them xo

As said above, Kate’s prints are affordable, unique and creative. Starting at $10, you choose the size and it gets delivered to your door, ready to frame. Mix the prints, mix the sizes. Here is my favourite ‘bolt’ print in Hudson’s room…

Screenshot 2014-10-15 09.21.35


So to visit her range and purchase a gorgeous one of your own, visit YorkeLee prints here.


Later on today we will be kicking off a giveaway on Instagram where you could win a print off your choice! Visit Instagram and follow @happyellaafter for details! Also be sure to check out her gorgeous gallery, with tips on how to hang and style the prints in your child’s room.

Thanks Kate…for giving such joy to kids’ rooms everywhere! By the looks of this photo, you are pretty joyous yourself!




Felt Ball Rug Heaven

Felt Ball Rug Heaven

Last week I posted a picture of a beautiful felt ball rug that we have purchased for Ella’s new room after we move back into our renovated house. I’ve always loved these rugs. They are so much fun and just make you smile when you see them. You can get them at a number of places these days, but I have always struggled to find one in a larger size, and even harder, one that is still made of wool. I have searched high and low for the right rug and the right price, and last week I found it. After posting this photo, I’ve had heaps of inquiries via my Facebook page, so I thought that I’d share the details with you here.

Photo 28-03-2014 11 52 03 am

Imported from Nepal, this 200cm in diameter Felt Ball Rug is hand made from sheep’s wool. It is just beautiful and the quality is wonderful. At a cost of $650, for a rug this size the price cannot be beaten. I purchased it through Silk Road Rugs on ebay, however they also own ‘Harugs’ in Mornington and offer free shipping throughout Australia. They have a wide selection of felt ball rugs in different shapes and sizes.

Photo 28-03-2014 11 50 34 am


Beautiful quality…

Photo 21-03-2014 7 36 30 am

Large sizes for smaller prices…

Photo 21-03-2014 7 36 14 am

I’m always on the look out for bargains, and hope that this info can help you out if you too, are looking for one of these exquisite rugs for your child’s room. I can’t wait to share how it looks in her new room!




Making more room!

Making more room!

Given the fact that we are expecting our second child in five months, the time has come to begin our epic challenge of making more room. We are lucky enough to live in our own home, my first ‘own’ home, in inner Melbourne. To be honest I never thought that I would be a home owner, it’s just so damn hard these days, so I am grateful and thankful to own our own little piece of Earth. Our two bedroom home, when we bought it, was what I thought was a palace. We moved here from a two bedroom apartment with no balcony, and when you are faced with your own patch of grass and an area big enough to actually use your dining table, it really does feel like you’ve hit the jackpot.

The thing is, I love my home. It might not be the biggest house, and we may not have a large backyard, but when you live in inner city, you give these things up to be close to the beach, parks and cafes which are only a two minute walk away. That said, we have had, over the past couple of years, always had the conversation about what we would do when another baby came along. Would we move? sell? buy another house? rent? leave things as they are? Each options has it’s own ups and downs. The fact is, however, that we love where we live, and unless we win the lottery, the chances of upsizing in this area are pretty tough. So we decided to invest our time and money into renovating our two bedroom house, and by adding some more space onto the back, we can get another bedroom and new living space. This new living space includes a new kitchen and laundry. I think I was sold on the renovation idea when we starting looking at ovens and island benches (oh how things have changed).

So after many months of talk, drawings and research, the time has finally come to pack up our belongings and move in with my (beautiful) in laws for 4?5?6? months, whilst our house is literally turned upside down. The challenge is to have it all complete by the time we meet Korber baby no. 2 (early June). Can we do it? We’ll wait and see! Over the last couple of days this has meant packing up our belongings into an endless supply of boxes (thanks to our lovely new neighbours who moved in next door and needed to offload their own moving boxes!). I knew we had a lot of stuff, but wasn’t quite prepared for the sheer amount of ‘crap’ that we have accumulated over the last four years. I’m up to 21 boxes and still counting. I haven’t even tackled the bedrooms yet!

Photo 20-01-2014 11 52 45 am

It all dawned upon me that this was really real on Saturday, when Dan and our good friend ripped up our beautiful deck. No going back now!

Photo 18-01-2014 12 01 51 pm

This was before…


and now!

Photo 18-01-2014 5 26 56 pm

We are trying to get everything ready before I go back to work next week. I’m finishing up at the end of term 1, so then I’ll have time to rest, I mean Project Manage! Stay tuned to follow our crazy ride. I know that it will all be worth it!

Have you ever renovated your home? Wish us luck!


Friday Finds: Personalised Pillows

Friday Finds: Personalised Pillows

For years, I’ve seen beautiful personalised cushions on sale in stores and have always thought about getting one for Ella after she was born. Whilst I was watching ‘Postcards’ on television a few Saturdays ago, I saw a story about a woman who was creating hand made manchester for children. Sold at via her online store or on show at the Flemington market, Wendy Pamela’s passion is creating beautiful things.

Her website includes a variety of colours and patterns that you can choose to create your own baby blanket, cot or bed quilts, cushions and bags.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 3.39.01 PM

I chose the flower Sugar design to create Ella her very own personalised cushion…

photo 1

Nestled on her Alice in Wonderland high back chair, its the perfect place for a pillow to lie!

photo 2

To visit Wendy Pamela’s store and see her entire product range and prices, visit her store here.

A gorgeous addition to any child’s bedroom, her products are just divine.



Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 9.40.10 AM

Friday Finds: DIY Reading Nook

Friday Finds: DIY Reading Nook

Ella received dozens of books for her Birthday and I’ve been thinking about the best way to store them so that they get a good work out! As always, I have turned to Pinterest for some inspiration and have been blown away by the gorgeous idea of creating your very own wall library. By using simple spice racks, or a piece of dowel you can transform an every day bunch of books into a visual art work! By displaying books on your child’s wall, they can access them easily whilst transforming the space into a reading wonderland…..



A gorgeous reading nook….


Books galore…..


Whether a large wall, or a small little space….I think this idea is gorgeous for any room!


*Images are linked to their original source

Nursery Fun

Nursery Fun

This weekend Daniel and I put some of the finishing touches to Ella’s bedroom. We purchased some fabulous floating shelves from Ikea to display (and store) some of the vast number of toys, books and other trinkets that Ella has been given since being born. Creating a wonderful place for Ella to sleep and play has been such a joyous part of having her come into our lives. I must admit that I wouldn’t call myself a budding Interior Designer, but we are so thrilled with how her room has turned out. Some of my favourite  things in this room are the wall decal (purchased on Etsy, all the way from Canada) and the pink Apples given to her by my wonderful friend Paris who has the most beautiful Childrens’ Homewares business – Little Tinkers.  I also adore the amazing Alice in Wonderland Red armchair in the corner. It’s quite funny that this chair was originally intended on being a feeding chair, but I am yet to feed Ella in it! Although not the most practical feeding chair, I think it looks fabulous in her room!

Designing her room was something that we both wanted to do together. From the colours, to the tree decal to the cot and arm chair, Dan and I both wanted to create a room for her that would feel warm, happy and most of all…calming!! The room has undergone a complete transformation from it’s original use as our spare room. It also doubled as my so called ‘dressing room’ – something that I’m sure I’ll never get back again! This room was originally meant to be the master bedroom in our house, given that it also has the benefit of an adjoining en suite. It also has beautiful doors that open onto a little veranda, something that I hope Ella will thoroughly enjoy in the summer months as she can play between her room and our front yard.

I remember growing up and loving my own bedroom. As a kid I shared a room with my sister, and we would play for hours on end with our dolls’ house, Barbies and My Little Ponies. Yes, yes…I was a complete girly girl, and I’m sure in many ways, Ella will become one too (if her aunties have anything to do with it).

I just hope that she grows to love her room as much as her parents have loved creating it for her.

P.S….two great apps for any techno Mums or Dads out there are iHandy Level – a fabulous spirit level to help with installing those shelves! I also took the picture below using Pano – a great photography tool that allows you to take panoramic shots by merging together individual photos.