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Ella Loves Local: Katie & Eliza from Talo Interiors

Ella Loves Local: Katie & Eliza from Talo Interiors

talologoAs a Mum and blogger, I love nothing more than scrolling through Instagram and finding gorgeous feeds full of gorgeous homewards and stylish bedrooms. I’ve come across some pretty amazing local businesses this way, and Talo Interiors was one that caught my eye. The brain child of Katie and Eliza, two close friends and Mums who shared a similar passion for stylish, practical and unique homewares. I was lucky enough to spend a morning with these two beautiful ladies a couple of weeks ago, and over a cup of tea (whilst breast feeding and trying to settle my own baby), was able to get an insight into their story, and what it has taken to start and build their own business. Savy, stylish and strong women, who want to bring joy and happiness into the rooms of kids everywhere.

Before I share their story, here is a few of my favourite things from their store (each item is linked to their store)…

The gorgeous Varpunen storage sacks…



Chocolate Creative wall hooks…


These beautiful felt smartie cushions…


You can’t go past the Miffy lamps..


Heaven knows how much I love the Bat prints from Little Pop Studio…


and what store would be complete without Super Hero prints like these ones from Mint Parcel..


Clearly these girls know what they are doing! Here is what they had to say…

1. What inspired you to start Talo Interiors?

When we were looking for décor to furnish our kids bedrooms, we just couldn’t find anything we liked in the 1 store! We have very similar taste, we get along like a house on fire and we saw an opportunity. We wanted our kids rooms and decor to reflect our own taste and style. The word Talo means ‘home’ in Finnish, which is reflective of our Scandinavian taste.

 2. How do you juggle your business and family life?

We have our ‘Talo’ days and our ‘home’ days.  We are really efficient on our working days so that we can get as much done as we can. Inevitably, we do a little work on our days at home, but we are lucky that we can do this while spending time with the kids.- And there have been occasions where a park play-date has been an impromptu board-meeting.

Katie & Eliza from Talo Interiors
Katie & Eliza from Talo Interiors

 3. What has been your proudest moment so far?

We were looking for simple and timeless doona designs for our website and we couldn’t find anything we liked! It has been over a year in the making, but we are very proud to be launching our own line of bed linen in Spring! The designs were created by Pip Compton, a talented Melbourne based graphic designer. She also created our brand look and feel. We love her hand drawn Scandinavian style.

It has been a really amazing and challenging experience (some would say character building)!  And when the final samples arrived last month, we couldn’t be happier with the results. A really proud moment. Our little babies due date is nearing!

 4. What has been your biggest challenge?

Oh, well that’s easy, producing the bed linen!  It’s been a huge learning curve for us both.

 5. What is your advice to others wanting to start their own business?

Do something that you really love.  Having a business partner that really compliments your differing skill sets is paramount. And keeping an eye on that cash flow is key – making sure you have enough money to keep you in business until you flourish!! And lastly, perseverance and patience!

6. Three words that describe Talo…

Simple, designer, decor

7. What’s your current favourite product in your line up?

Oooh tough one – 2 of our favourite brands (and biggest sellers!) are the Varpunen storage sacks and anything in the Mushkane Felt Wool range.

7. Pay it forward to another local business. Talo loves….

Mark Tuckey – we recently went to the launch of his new season range – we LOVE every single piece in that store.  Both Mark and Luella are super talented in their own right!

Be sure to support local, visit Talo Interiors, and snap up some of the love for yourself, of your child’s room. What every takes your fancy!

Thanks to Eliza & Katie for having me, and for letting me learn a little more about your beautiful business!


Friday Find: Baby Eames @ Matt Blatt

Friday Find: Baby Eames @ Matt Blatt

I’ve had loads of compliments about the Baby Eames Replica table and chair set in my house, so I thought I’d share the love with you this week as my Friday Find. Purchased from Matt Blatt, this stylish, practical and affordable kids’ set looks great in the corner of any room. It’s easily cleaned, light weight, and if you are  fan of designer furniture, then this is for you. We purchased the classic white set, but it the chairs are also available in a range of colours.

Replica Eames Kids Table -$115

Screenshot 2014-08-21 17.24.49


Replica Eames Kids’ Chairs – $55 – available in red, white and light blue..

Screenshot 2014-08-21 17.25.15

Stylish and practical..especially for Daddy / Daughter date night…

Screenshot 2014-08-21 17.24.21

For more information, and to see their entire range, visit Matt Blatt here.


Ella’s Playful Oasis

Ella’s Playful Oasis

We’ve moved back in and we have finally sorted most of the rooms in our house. It’s one thing to get back into a renovated home, but it’s another to get the house looking and feeling as you want. On the day that we moved, I was lucky enough to have my sisters dedicate their time towards arranging and styling Ella’s room. Fit for a princess, she certainly is a lucky little girl, as she stepped into her dream room when we finally moved back in. Clearly loving pink, her new room is a mixture of old favourites and new additions. Inspired by many of the amazing rooms I’ve seen on Instagram, and in particular I loved the ideas and images from Belinda @ Petite Vintage Interiors, we arranged and rearranged her room to both look beautiful and be practical for a toddler to play, sleep and enjoy her days.

I’ve finally got the room sorted and have added the finishing touches and thought I’d share some of my favourite snaps with you. I have loved finding many of the products, particularly from local businesses and online sources…

This Alice in Wonderland Wing Chair was an old favourite from Ella’s Nursery. From Freedom, this oversized chair is a beautiful place to sit and read. The personalised pillow is from Wendy Pamela.



Her King Single Bed is from Adairs, and I love the classic powder coat white finish. I found it really difficult to source simple and elegant linen, without the fan fare of crazy designs. I ended up sourcing simple waffle covers from Spotlight and accessorised with beautiful cushions and throws from Country Road.



Another angle of the simple but classic linen and accessories. Love the hand made cloud pillow, created lovingly by my Mum.


These house shadow boxes are from Cotton On and are inspired by Petite Vintage and feature some of Ella’s favourite trinkets. Draped in a Felt Foxes hand made garland, they look gorgeous on her wall.


Another old favourite are the heart button canvases I made myself after Ella was born..


Nothing beats this beautiful Dolls’ House she got from Santa last Christmas…


This Mirror Hook was a present from my dear friend Paris, the owner of Little Tinkers Homewares. The perfect place to hang her scarves and bags..


This ‘Love’ teatowel was framed in an Ikea picture frame. The icecream lamp is from Leo & Bella.

Screenshot 2014-08-14 07.47.10

Probably my favourite…this insanely cool Freckle Rug. A large one at 200cm, it is the highlight of her room..

Photo 24-07-2014 2 00 58 pm

I just love this idea…cloud hangers holding gorgeous postcards from Eef Lillemor with teeny tiny pegs! The hangers are hard to come by at the moment, but I sourced mine from Lark Store and Big Dreams.

Screenshot 2014-08-14 07.47.24

I simply can’t go past these Rasberry Apples from Little Tinkers. The most perfect way to store a little girl’s trinkets…

Photo 24-07-2014 1 59 39 pm

The messy and fun side of the room! Ella adores this play tent from Kmart!

Screenshot 2014-08-13 16.54.51

And finally, a little girl’s room is not complete without beautiful dolls. These two were also given to her when she was born by my beautiful boss. The Ladedah Grace doll is her favourite.

Screenshot 2014-08-14 07.47.43

I’ll be sharing more snaps from our renovated home in the coming weeks, once we get more rooms finalised. Thanks for your beautiful messages, I’m so proud of my hubby and the beautiful home he has made for us!



I’m no Martha Stewart, but…

I’m no Martha Stewart, but…

I’m no Martha Stewart, but I have to admit, I do love a bit of DIY crafting. It must be the Primary School Teacher in me. There is nothing more exciting than a glue gun, some patterned scissors and some Pinterest inspiration.

Recently, I’ve been decorating my kid’s new bedrooms. There have been so many gorgeous things I’ve bought, many from local businesses, but I have to say that there has been nothing better than making my own decorations and adding them to their walls. There is something about knowing that you have put your love into things for your kids. It may not turn out as wonderful as the photo you saw on Pinterest, but if you choose things that are simple enough, you can’t go wrong. It’s a lot cheaper too, and many businesses have DIY kits that help you to source the parts, but put them together yourself!

Some of my favourites have been…

The felt ball garland. As easy as pie, all you need is some felt balls, thick thread and a needle. I purchased these balls from Felt Foxes in packs of 50 for under $20! This one was made by myself, and Ella helped me choose the colours.



Another garland, this time in classic black. Perfect for a little boy’s room. Sorry no, Hudson didn’t lend a hand with this one!



This one was made by my dear friend Janine. A name canvas. A beautiful way to welcome people to your room.


Whilst I didn’t actually make these letters, this OMM Design banner allows you to create your own magic, words of wisdom and inspiration! I reviewed this product last week and you can read it here.


A simple Tea Towel in an Ikea Frame!


And probably my favourite would have to be these button hearts. I saw them on Pinterest when Ella is born, and headed to spotlight for supplies to put them together. They took a while (I’m talking months), but when I had time I made them bit by bit, and I think they look beautiful in her new room.


So whether it’s a large project or a small one, there is nothing nicer and more satisfying than creating something for your own children, and seeing it on their walls. It may not stay there forever, but whilst they love it, I will too.


Friday Find: OMM Design DIY Banner

Friday Find: OMM Design DIY Banner

9814749-origpic-e42d11-320x320Those of you who follow Happy Ella After on Instagram will know that recently I’ve been going a little crazy decorating Hudson’s ‘Super Hero’ Themed Room. There have been so many super cool things I have found, many of which are very reasonably priced. One item in particular is the OMM Design DIY Banner. An old fashioned letter banner pack, containing 122 characters, metal joiners and strings. 

It can be used for any occasion, from birthdays, to graduations, however hanging it on the wall of your child’s bedroom is, I feel the most beautiful use. You can change the banner however and whenever you like. I have decided to go with a super hero theme and have hung the banner in two places…

To Infinity & Beyond
To Infinity & Beyond
The First Avenger
The First Avenger

Characters and Symbols include:


♦︎ ♥︎ ★ ♠︎

They are currently sold out in lots of places, but you can try to purchase or pre-order them from Leo & Bella  or Lark Store. They retail for approx $18.95.
To follow more design ideas and inspiration, follow me on Instagram here.
Super Hero Super Picks!

Super Hero Super Picks!

If you haven’t been following my Instagram feed lately, then you wouldn’t know that I have been swept up in Super Hero Mania. Given the fact that I’ve just given birth to a son, his Dad has understandably gone a little crazy with the whole ‘Marvel’ and ‘DC’ superhero / comic craze, and I have also caught on. My husband loved super heroes as a kid, and he wouldn’t be ashamed to admit that he wants to pass on this passion to his son. I’ve even introduced him to the world of Etsy, as we have scoured the internet for our favourite items for his new room.

There are so many talented people out there who have created gorgeous Super Hero prints, toys and furnishings for kids rooms. Super stylish, fun and cute, they are made with love and will give any room a super hero feel, without blowing the budget. I’ve shared with you my favourite finds below, many of which I have purchased for Hudson’s room after we move back in!!!

Superhero Montage

  1. Areaware Cutebots from Hello Big Dreams – $14.95
  2. Super Hero Wall Prints (available in a variety of sets)  from Amy’s Simple Designs on Etsy – $49.79
  3. Captain America Inspired cushion (available in various super heroes) from Marvelous Katastrophe on Etsy – $28.77
  4. Sunday the Label Bat Boy tracksuit pants – $45 
  5. Super Hero Art Print from Little Me Little You – $20
  6. Batman Birthday cake from Kiss My Cakes – POA
  7. Peg Buddies Superheroes on Etsy – various prices
  8. Bat Boys Cushion Cover from Little Pop Studio – $55, and Alimrose Designs Super Hero knitted doll available through Baby Donkie – $47.95

So whether you are in the market for some super hero stuff or not, you’ll forgive me for being utterly obsessed with these super cool home wares. I think Hudson’s Dad has a lot to answer for!!!