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Hudson’s First Christmas Wishlist

Hudson’s First Christmas Wishlist

I can’t believe that it’s nearly Christmas again. This also means that our little man will be 7 months old. His first Christmas. It’s been such a jam packed year, time has literally flown. We have had a ball welcoming our little man into the world, and have enjoyed every second of getting to know ‘all things boy’. From Super heroes to trucks, monsters to construction kits…it’s been a blast, and Ella has loved it too.

Last week I shared my favourite pics for a little girl’s Christmas in 2014. This week, I’m thrilled to share my top finds for little boys to place under the tree this Christmas Eve. Some of them are for play, some are for wear and some are for their room. Oh gosh, it makes me tear up even thinking about it…..

Photo 21-11-2014 9 14 09 am


Top left: Munster ‘Don’t START Wars’ kids tee from HipkinKids – $39.95

Top Middle: Red Steel Wagon from Mocka Australia – $49.95

Top Right: ‘I will chase the wind, Touch the sky’ decal from Wondermade Decals – $21.95

Middle Left: Batman Tent from Peachy Baby / Project T Bear – $150

Middle: RAAAAAA Sloppy Joe from Freddy Alphabet –$54. Let’s face it, anything from Freddy Alphabet would be nice!

Middle Right: Noughties Bat Cushion from Willow and Sage. – $65

Bottom Left: Bat Coat Hanger from Little Pop Studio (available for pre order on Jan 20th 2015). 

Bottom Middle: Newbies Super Skittles from Little Me Little You. – $59.95

Bottom Right: Batty Skinny Trackies from Kapow Kids – $39.95

Hopefully some lucky little boys will get some of these goodies under neath the Christmas Tree!!!

Fingers Crossed!kate

Ella’s Christmas Wish List 2014

Ella’s Christmas Wish List 2014

Ok, so this wishlist may not come straight from Ella’s mouth, but I’m pretty sure that if she received any of these gorgeous items from Santa underneath the tree this Christmas, then she would be pretty stoked. Last year I shared some of my favourite finds for Christmas, and this year, over the next three weeks I’m excited to do the same, for Ella, for Hudson and for myself. This week I’m starting with Ella, and focussing on all things that any little Princess would love. Sourced primarily from local businesses, they are all created with love.

All of these business are on Instagram, so feel free to click on the links and head over to their pages to see their wonderful ranges..

So without further adieu, I present Ella’s Christmas Wishlist 2014…

Photo 20-11-2014 8 31 27 am


Top Left: Bloomingvale House Shelf Display Boxes from Leo and Bella. $79.

Top Middle: Various Sonny Angels from Leo and Bella. From $10.

Top Right: Peachy Baby Play Blocks. Set of 4 $26.

Middle Left: Knot Pillow from My Little Echo. $65. As styled in this image by Little Dwellings. 

Middle: Jess CcrochetUnicorn from Ladedah. $68. Note other unicorns currently sold out. All of their crochet toys are beautiful!

Middle Right. Twig Creative Wooden Camera. $40.

Bottom Left: Mini raindrop cushion and silver raindrop garland from Little Me Little You. $32 and $50.

Bottom Middle: ‘I Love you More’  silver foil print from My Sweet Prints. $32.

Bottom Right: Miffy Lamp from Talo Interiors – $265  and Rock & Pebble Apple House from Norsu Interiors  – $150.

A little girl (and her Mum) can only dream right?!!! Is it bad that I’m reliving my childhood through my daughter???

Stay tuned next week for Hudson’s FIRST Christmas wishlist!