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New Giveaway! Tinybeans Photo Book!

New Giveaway! Tinybeans Photo Book!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to review the beautiful Tinybeans Photo Books by creating one for Ella. If you missed the review, click here. If you are anything like me, you take hundreds of photos of your little ones, and if you are smart…use the Tinybeans App to store, keep track and share them with loved ones. The problem is, that even though we can flick through these snaps on our mobile devices, there is nothing quite like a printed book of photos. The team over at Tinybeans, have cleverly linked their app with the ability to create beautiful, personalised photo books. If you use the Tinybeans App, it is so simple to choose your favourite snaps, and have the book delivered directly to your front door!

Photo 27-02-2014 12 07 35 pm


What is even better, is the fact that Tinybeans are giving Happy Ella After readers who use the Tinybeans App, the chance to win your own Photo Book filled with three months of your chosen memories. This is valued at over $50 Australian dollars, and includes postage direct to your door.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 12.15.14

If you know anyone who uses this sensational app, then please forward this giveaway on to them. It’t the perfect way to celebrate and hold onto the photos of your children. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be able to function as a snap happy parent without this app, and the photo album has really brought them to life!

This competition is open to readers world wide. Entry is via Facebook, accessible through the link below. Entry into the competition is acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out in the app link. The giveaway will open Monday 17th March at 7am AEDST and will close on Monday 31st March at 6pm AEDST. As always, readers will need to ‘like’ both the Happy Ella After and Tinybeans Facebook pages. Entrants can also earn extra points by sharing what they love about Tinybeans in a comment below.

Good luck!





Friday Find: The Tiny Beans Photo Book

Friday Find: The Tiny Beans Photo Book

For those of you who are regular readers, you would know that I am a super huge fan of Tiny Beans. For those of you have not been following for a while (poor you 🙂 ), TinyBeans is simply the best app you could ever have on your phone…if you are a parent! Tiny beans helps you to capture the precious moments you share with your children each day and share them in a private way. You can have a personal album, or share it with a few loved ones. That way, if you don’t want pics of your kids splashed all over social media, you can still share the love, but in a more intimate and controlled way. If you want to know more about the fabulous TinyBeans app, head on over to my previous post review here and here.

Screenshot 2014-02-27 12.14.59

Since its inception, TinyBeans has undergone several updates and improvements. One of the fabulous features is the ability to know create your very own Tiny Beans Photo Book. It’s pretty easy…you simply:

  1. choose the amount of months you wish to include
  2. play with the captions, colours and images you wish to include
  3. click to order!

Screenshot 2014-02-27 12.15.14

It is delivered straight to your door, and allows you to flick through your gorgeous memories in a beautiful book. We were lucky enough to try out this product before sharing it as a Friday Find. I always pride myself on sharing only the best products on Happy Ella After, and I have to say that the quality of this photo book is second to none. The best part is that it is so simple to make, and literally takes just minutes. Here is a selection of snaps from Ella’s Book. We chose the three month book that included twenty pages…

Photo 27-02-2014 12 06 30 pm

A very cute layout of the month…

Photo 27-02-2014 12 06 58 pm

Gorgeous colours and captions…

Photo 27-02-2014 12 07 11 pm

Different layouts…just drag and drop!

Photo 27-02-2014 12 07 19 pm

Ella just loves it..

Photo 19-02-2014 7 13 22 pm

To check out the prices and find out more information about this great product, please check out their website here.

Happy Ella After readers are again blessed with luck, as the team at Tiny Beans will be offering one lucky parent the chance to create their own three month book!!! Stay tuned for details in the coming week!



*Images are linked to the Tiny Beans website.

Friday Find: Tiny Beans Update

Friday Find: Tiny Beans Update

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.03.58 PMFor this week’s Friday Find, I’m going back to an App that I featured in one of my first ever posts on Happy Ella After (you can check it out here). If you are a parent, you need to know about the Tiny Beans App. This fabulous team, created the Tiny Beans app to help parents everywhere capture their every day moments with their children and store it within a simple app. Whilst I am an avid lover of social media, Mums like myself can sometimes be at risk of ‘oversharing’. Tiny Beans allows you to privately store pics and if you wish, share this with family. Since downloading this app last year, I have used it almost everyday. Over this time, the app has seen some fantastic updates to improve the way in which parents can capture everyday memories.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.58.51 PM

These new features include:

  • Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 12.58.30 PMThe ability to upload video as well as photos
  • The ability to link your account to instagram. With a simple hashtag #tinybeanskids, your insta snaps go directly to your Tiny Beans account
  • The ability to upload the photo to the day it was taken. If you are anything like me, you take heaps of snaps but forget to upload them then and there. This new feature means that the snap is uploaded to the calendar day it was taken. No more straining your brain trying to remember!
  • Various filters and stickers to add some fun to your image!
  • A beautiful new interface that allows you to scroll effortlessly through the months to see your baby grow.
  • The ability to share your journal privately with family and friends. They can even add their own pics!
  • Beautiful photo books that can now be printed containing all your Tiny Beans pics!

It is without a doubt the best parent App you can have! They have been featured on many a website review, including Babyology.

The Tiny Beans App is free and available for download from the iTunes store here.


Terry Towelling Torment or Motherly love?

Terry Towelling Torment or Motherly love?

8v75y56r-1346221575A conversation I had with my dear friends last night got me thinking about a childhood memory that has haunted me for decades. When I was young, my beautiful and loving Mum didn’t want me to be cold whilst playing outside in the freezing cold winter at school. Being a girl, she knew that I would be doing cart wheels, tumble turns and hand stands against any brick wall that we could find (many boys engaged in these activities too by the way). In my Primary School in the 80’s, all girls wore dresses. Most girls (including me) hated wearing tights, and spend most of our days itching and pulling at them. So this meant that I regularly went to school with ‘bare legs’ as my Mum would put it, and with that came comfort, but also cold. So my loving Mother decided that instead of sending her daughter to school with cold, bare legs, she would invest in a few pairs of ‘terry towling’ undies that served as ‘bum huggers’.These were worn over the top of underwear to keep my little behind toasty and warm. Little did she know that this little gesture of love and kindness would in fact cause her daughter’s friends to tease her for wearing ‘nappies’ to school.

Brisbane-Mum-and-Kid-Hugging-426x272Each time I did a cartwheel or handstand in the yard, the bright yellow, green and pink terry towelling ‘undies/ bum huggers’ would be on display for all to see. Each time I would be asked ‘do youuuu STILL wear nappies?’ and I would sit confused, knowing full well that my Mum got us to wear them to simply keep us warm. The term ‘fluffy undies’ was coined, and stuck for many years..even till this day. Even those kids who ‘tormented’ me with ‘terry towelling teasing’ have clearly overlooked the fact that their friend was ‘wearing nappies at Primary School’ – they are my closest friends until this day…

It’s not until we have become Mothers however, that we have truly understood these little   gestures of Motherly love. I’m truly thankful to my Mum for ‘trying’ to keep me warm all those years ago. In Melbourne today, its nudging 5 degrees at 11am, and it’s almost ‘playtime’ for school kids to go outside.  I’m sure that there are so many Mums out there who have sent their kids off to school with little acts of kinds and love, only to find out that they have backfired in some way. I just hope those kids know that their Mum loves them, probably just wanted them to be warm!!!!

Needless to say, I think I’ll be strongly encouraging Ella to wear tights when she is older…. (love you Mum) xxx

Have you got a childhood memory like mine? Would love to hear from you!


We’re all going on a QLD Holiday…

We’re all going on a QLD Holiday…

Yesterday we returned from our first family holiday to Queensland. Not only was it Ella’s first plane ride, but it was also her first trip to Currumbin, and our family holiday apartment at the Rock’s Resort. Since I was five years old, the Sherlocks piled into our Tarrago and ventured up the Hume Highway each year. After two days of seeing lots of trees, playing lots of connect four and visiting every Australian monument and town along the way, from the Dog on the Tucker Box to the Big Banana, we would finally end up at our most treasured holiday spot. For years we would try other resorts and Queensland beach hot spots, but we would always return to the quieter stretch of beautiful sand and sea that is Currumbin.

Lucky for us, Mum and Dad decided to buy an apartment at the beautiful resort, so that our family could continue coming here for decades to come. I have so many fond memories of doing whirl pools in the baby pool, scoping out the rock pools at the beach, and climbing the famous Elephant Rock. Visiting the good old Currumbin Surf life saving club is always a favourite – arguably the best positioned surf club in the country. It’s such a privilage to be able to take my own family here now, and I am eternally grateful and blessed that my own children will now be able to enjoy the sand, sea and gorgeous sunshine in this beautiful place.

Whilst the famous Queensland sunshine did not come out to play for most of the week, we still had a great deal of fun and enjoyed every moment. Having time with family is honestly, the best thing in our life….

Here are some happy snaps that we took along the way….

Ella loving the pool and the floaty ring that her Nanna bought especially…


Swimming with Mummy..


Learning to play golf with Daddy on a rainy day…


Walks with Mum and Dad….

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.10.09 PM

Walks on Currumbin beach…


Climbing Elephant Rock. We used to have our Sherlock family photo here every year…


Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.09.44 PM


Flying with Daddy…

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.09.55 PM

Learning to walk….nearly!


Lunches at the surf club….


Family holidays are the definition of happiness. It think Ella’s expression shows it all…


Till next time Currumbin…we look forward to it!!!


Eggs-ellent Easter!

Eggs-ellent Easter!

This year, our Easter was pretty low key, but really special. Dan, myself and Ella headed off to the beach for the long weekend, just the three of us (and good old Lloyd of course!). It was a lovely few days spent, mostly inside, due to the rain and break in our fabulous Indian Summer we have been experiencing in Melbourne. It was a lovely chance to relax and enjoy spending time together..

Image 4
Ella woke to Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Her first experience of eating chocolate first thing in the day made her eyes light up. It won’t be happening again for a while, so I hope that she savours every last morsel! 🙂

Image 2

This time last year, Ella was only six weeks old, and it was the first time that she had been away from home. Last Easter, her Buba (Grandmother) gave her a gorgeous ‘My First Easter’ Bunny.

Image 3

This bunny was almost bigger than her at the time. A year later, she dwarfs the bunny and is almost unrecognisable compared to the old photo. It’s amazing to see how she has grown so much. Amazing to think about how much we have grown too….

Image 5

Of course, she had to have a gorgeous Easter outfit to wear! Easter bonnets may have gone out of fashion years ago…but her Daddy found this very cute beanie to suffice…


Last year was a year of firsts. First tooth, first meal, first Christmas and first Birthday. This year, we get to revisit all of the magical events that make life special. Thankfully though, we are doing it with a little more sleep than this time last year!

Image 1

We hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!



Friday Finds: Baby Milestone Cards

Friday Finds: Baby Milestone Cards

Whilst Ella’s birthday has come and gone, its made me think about all of her milestones so far. I recently came across this beautiful idea – baby milestone cards. These beautiful cards can be taken with your child to mark many of the big and small milestones that your baby achieves in their first few years. From their first smile, first tooth and first steps, these cards are a gorgeous way to make a simple event magical.


Eating solids? sleeping through the night for the first time? These simple little moments just pass us by!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 6.19.14 PMPriced at $32.95, they are available from Little Me and Little You.


*Images are linked to their original source