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Friday Finds: Baby Milestone Cards

Friday Finds: Baby Milestone Cards

Whilst Ella’s birthday has come and gone, its made me think about all of her milestones so far. I recently came across this beautiful idea – baby milestone cards. These beautiful cards can be taken with your child to mark many of the big and small milestones that your baby achieves in their first few years. From their first smile, first tooth and first steps, these cards are a gorgeous way to make a simple event magical.


Eating solids? sleeping through the night for the first time? These simple little moments just pass us by!

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 6.19.14 PMPriced at $32.95, they are available from Little Me and Little You.


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Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Ella xx

Today we wish our beautiful baby girl Ella, a Happy 1st Birthday. In years to come, I hope you read this and see, how much joy you have brought into our life. A year ago today, your were born at 12.20pm at the Freemason’s Hospital in Melbourne. From that moment on, you have opened up a world that your Dad and and I did not know existed – a world of endless joy and laughter. Each day you bring us smiles that fill our hearts. Your funny laugh, your gorgeous red hair and your cheeky personality, we are simply so blessed to have you in our life.

Looking back over these photos, you have grown so much already.  We are so proud of you.

Happy First Birthday Ella Moo xx










Love Mummy xxxooo

Friday Finds: Cake 2 the Rescue!

Friday Finds: Cake 2 the Rescue!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.43.49 AMWith Ella’s first birthday just a few weeks away, my mind has landed in the world of Birthday Cakes. Growing up, we always got out the good old ‘Womens’ Weekly  Birthday Cakes‘ book and spent days picking and choosing our dream cake. I remember vividly the ‘witch’ laced in liquorice, the ‘duck’ with a potato chip beak and the good old smarty train. Most Aussie kids do not remember their birthdays without fond memories of this great book. I’m not sure if my baking skills are up to scratch to venture into this timeless tradition just yet, so thank goodness I stumbled across the fabulous ‘Cake 2 the Rescue‘ thanks to an old friend Veronica on Facebook!

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.44.23 AMCake 2 the rescue does just that…it rescues time poor (and skill poor) Mums and Dads who want their precious kids to have that ‘amazing cake’ on their Birthday. Without the hassle of forking out hundreds for an intricate cake, Cake 2 to the Rescue provide you with all you need to bake your very own masterpiece. Founded by two Queensland Mums – Lisa and Lou, aka ‘The Baker Girls’, this great service was created following their own experiences of frustration as they tried to make their kids the perfect cake.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.44.38 AMThe idea is simple…you choose the design (over 7o), and for a very reasonable price (starting from $29.95), they send you all you need to re-create the cake of your dreams. From the ingredients, to the candles and disposable, grease proof baking tin…this is a miracle in the post.  Inspired by a friend’s effort in making her own Peppa Pig cake (from scratch I might add), I have decided to give this idea a try and order my own Peppa Pig pack. I’m hoping that my excitement will be met with equal satisfaction when the final cake is complete….all I can say is…watch this space! I’m certainly hoping that this little package in the post ‘rescues’ this new Mum!

To view the many great designs available from Cake 2 the Rescue…click here.

The are also on Facebook where you can view testimonials and great ‘baking’ experiences.


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Little Angel

Little Angel

In October, we Christened our little Angel at St Mary’s Church in East St Kilda. I’ll never forget telling my Nanna that we were having a baby. She was so excited, not only because we were pregnant, but because there was an almost guarantee that she would be baptised. I was Christened at St Therese’s Church in Essendon, along with my siblings, parents and Grandparents. My husband and I were also married there. It was hard to decide where we would christen Ella, but we decided that it would make sense to do it in our local church where she would possibly go to school. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and Ella looked so beautiful.

What made the day even more special was that she was able to wear the Christening gown that I wore when I was baptised. The gown was handmade by my Grandmother, crocheted in beautiful wool. It was such a different gown compared to those that most wear, but it held such sentiment and meaning. My Aunty Clare also gave her a beautiful gold pin with her name engraved. This was something that my Granny had also done for each of us. It was such a lovely thought, and Ella wore it on the day.

In Christening Ella, we had a small gathering. Her Godparents (our dear friends Bridgette and Geof) were so happy to share the day with us and take on this special role in her life. Most parents always worry about how their child would react when blessed with the water at the baptismal font. Ella was a trooper and did not shed a tear during the whole thing! In fact, she was calm and curious during the entire service.

We topped the day off with a fantastic lunch at Topolino’s – a St Kilda institution with pasta, pizza and salad. It was a great way to celebrate with both sides of our family. Our little Angel truly is so lucky to be loved by so many.


Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven

On Wednesday, Ella was seven months old! Seven gorgeous months. This month Ella’s personality has really come to life. Smiles, giggles, wriggles and the first glimpse of some little tantrums. Argghh the bliss. She is so much more animated and responsive. She has become quite discerning with various people, and has been known to rock that bottom lip if she sees someone she does not know!

As the weather here starts to get warmer, it’s made me think about the time when she was born. It was really hot in Melbourne and the middle of summer. The day Ella was born (February 26) was a 42 degree day. Just what you want when you are 39 weeks and six days pregnant! Ella came 1 day early. She clearly was too hot inside and wanted to get out to cool down!

Last month I took a photo of Ella when she was six months old. The photo was of her with the words ‘I am six months’ around her head. Yesterday I remembered (phew) to capture her again at seven months. Only this time, it took me about fifteen photos to get one that I could use! She is such a wriggly worm now that she kept turning around to look at (and eat) the letters. It actually made a really cute montage.

The inspiration for this photo came from Pinterest. Surprise, Surprise. I found this photo and thought it was a fantastic way to capture your growing baby over the months. A very imaginative and clever way to document those smiles, growing features and cheeky grins. This idea originated from ‘Oh Sweet Babies‘ – they have great ideas to help parents remember the ‘tremendous’ changes over their child’s first year of life. I was talking with my friends about how long we thought we might be able to keep it up. I’m aiming to capture her each month until her first birthday, and then each year from then. I’m sure she will be loving it when I have her on the floor at twenty one.

Ideas like this are rife on Pinterest. There are so many great ideas for capturing memories, decorating nurseries and keeping toddlers occupied as they grow older and more curious. I have created a board with ideas like this to inspire me over the years to come. To view or follow my board titled – ‘Being a Mum’ – click here.

I look forward to capturing the months (and years) to come. If anyone has any other great ideas on capturing their children grow, please forward them to me!

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Half way to 1!

Half way to 1!

This week Ella turned six months old! Six months. I simply can’t believe it! It was only a few weeks ago that I was blogging about how the time has gone so quickly. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m not only so proud of our little girl, but so proud of both Dan and I for getting through, relatively unscathed! After six months, I (mostly) feel as though we have a handle on things and can work things out when Ella decides to throw us a curve ball.

The first three months were really a blur – my maternal health nurse calls it ‘Mummy Shock’. It’s so true. People told me that after six weeks you feel as though you come out of a fog. However for me, I think that fog actually set in at six weeks and then I found my way at around three months. I guess it is so different for everyone, but for me, I felt that everyone almost expects first time parents to be living under a rock for the first few weeks. Living with a new baby, learning how to be parents, sleepless nights, breast feeding, poo explosions, crying, settling, doing the ‘mummy jig’. This was all expected to turn us into crazy people, and after a while we would see the light and everything would fall into place. You see for the first six weeks, people are around to help, food is cooked, ironing is lovingly completed and the general sympathy scale is pretty high. Not that you need anyone to feel sorry for you, heck it’s the most exciting time in the world! I just mean that people are there to lend a hand in so many ways, and the excitement of having your precious one here helps that adrenaline keep on pumping to get you through the sleepless nights and feelings of exhaustion. Ella was a pretty chilled out kid from the start and generally slept pretty well.

It was after six weeks that I felt my wheels fall off the wagon a little, as I guess we move on and you get used to this new life with this amazing new little person. See for me, it was when Ella became alert, slept less and started to go through ‘wonder weeks’ that I felt my confidence take a bit of a dive. I guess it’s when you have to step up and take the training wheels off that it becomes a little scary. I remember being really worried about rocking Ella to sleep and ‘setting her up’ to fail. Ella had spent the last six weeks falling asleep on us, and to be honest, we loved it so much we didn’t want to give it up. My husband doesn’t get home from work until about 7pm each night, so any bedtime routine didn’t start until then. There was so much information, so many do’s and don’ts that these few weeks really did my head in as I did what all new Mothers should NOT do – Google.

In my line of work (Deputy Principal of a Primary School) I often have to help solve problems with Technology. You can often hear me saying ‘Google is your friend’. In so many ways, it really is. For tid bits of info, online shopping etc it is a girl’s best friend. But once you jump online to find the answer to your parenting problem, coupled together with a lack of confidence, Google can transform you into a walking time bomb! My friend made a comment that made me put everything into perspective – if you want to find the answer you are looking for, there will be a page somewhere that says what you want to read. It’s so true – on so many parenting pages you can find, or not find what you want to read to reassure yourself. Rocking to sleep is fine, or not fine, your baby needs routine, but hold off if you want to. There is so much information out there – too much. Too many conflicting ideas and theories. For new parents it is hard enough to remember to have a shower! Seriously, I have found the best way to look at it all is to take it with a grain of salt. Talk to your friends and family.

Being the eldest children with the first grandchild on both sides of our family, Dan and I have no older siblings to give us valued advice. Our mates have simply gotten us through. And thank the Lord for them all! I remember the turning point for me was one Friday when I had just had lunch with my cousin Lisa (Mother of 1) and my friend Di (Mother of 2) the day before. They had reassured me that what I was doing was fine (ie. doing the Mummy Jig to get Ella to settle) and that things will slowly change if we try one new thing each day. Funnily enough, after I relaxed a little about what I was doing, Ella was able to self settle quite well and learnt to fall asleep whilst being put down awake in the cot. Since then, she has gone through periods of sleeping through the night, and now wakes again (much to her parents dismay). I guess the rule of thumb is to enjoy what you have whilst you have it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Someone sent me the above picture a while ago, and it is such great advice. Everyday may not be good, but there sure is something good in every day! With kids, nothing stays the same for very long. The old saying ‘this too shall pass’ applies to being a parent in so many ways. I hope that hard times pass quickly, but the great times stay around for a while!

I just hope that she doesn’t grow up too fast.

Where has the time gone?

Where has the time gone?

They say time flies when you are having fun! Our darling Ella was five months old yesterday, and to be honest…I just cannot believe that five whole months has gone by since that amazing day she was born. In many ways, I’m so proud of ourselves for simply surviving and being here to share the joy! The first couple of months were such a blur…the tiredness, exhaustion and shock leaves you feeling as though you are sifting through fog. We were always reassured that this is a ‘normal’ feeling, and after six weeks something miraculous changes and things become easier. For us, we really have been blessed with a beautiful baby who is a pretty good sleeper. So the times I have winged or complained, I have done so with a sense of embarrassment or guilt as I simply know that there are so many new Mums and Dads out there who are struggling with colic, allergies and a vast range of other things that cause their babies to scream hours on end. However, a great friend of mine reminded me that just as every baby is different, so is the experience of every new parent, and that experience is relative to their own sense of normal. It has been so amazing to have the support of some very close friends who amazingly have all shared in this journey of giving birth to their first child in the last six months. Who would have thought that a group of girls who have known each other for over twenty years (some since prep), would find themselves pregnant at the same time. I don’t care how or why….I’m just glad that I’ve got my mates to share in the joys and challenges of being a new Mum. Not to mention the late night phone call or two.

I simply can’t believe that Ella is five months old. Five months of breastfeeds (day and night), nappy changes, baths, walks and endless kisses and cuddles. I also can’t believe that I ever had a life without her. Without her gorgeous smile and big blue eyes. I’m so proud of my husband for being such an amazing Father and support. He lights up our house when he walks through the door each night. The look on Ella’s face as she beams at her Daddy makes my heart melt every time. I love him more than I ever thought I could.

I guess after five months, I’m just so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends in helping us learn how to be parents. The admiration I now have for my own parents has been something that has really opened my eyes. My Mum and Dad had four children under six years of age…I just don’t know how they did it!

Over the next few months I look forward to many more pooey nappies, messy food and the joys of teething.

I’m just so grateful to be a Mum and loving it.