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Win a Babyology Supscription box worth $59

Win a Babyology Supscription box worth $59

It’s the little things that make a big difference to everyday life: fresh flowers for no reason; a cheeky smile from your baby while enjoying the night time feed; a sneaky kiss from your eldest who is far too ‘cool’ for cuddles in public. As mums, we deserve to be surprised and showered with little treats every now and again.

Are you expecting or know someone who is having a baby? Would you like to have a box filled with beautiful products, vouchers and discounts to some of the best baby essentials? Babyology have created Subscription Boxes, filled with everything a Mum needs to take care of their baby and also themselves. Every three months Babyology hand-pick a selection of products specifically for baby and their Mums.  Some are practical, some are decadent, but all of them are terrific products that we love.

Photo 12-03-2016 5 38 16 pm

Here is a sneak peak of this month’s box, filled with gorgeous samples, vouchers, products and gifts worth $59

Photo 12-03-2016 5 42 57 pm

Photo 12-03-2016 5 38 55 pm

Delivered straight to your door, these beautiful boxes are the perfect way to surprise yourself, or treat a friend, sister or any Mum who has a baby. The best thing is I’m giving away one of these beautiful boxes to one special Happy Ella After follower! Whether you want to give it to yourself, or as a present to a special Mum, or Mum to be…this is a gorgeous prize!

To be in the running to win, simple list below who you would give it to and why. This competition is open to Australian Residents only. The competition is open from 1pm Sunday 20th March and closes on Monday 28th March at 5pm AEDST.  Entry is via commenting below this blog post, including who you would like to win this prize and why. The winner will be notified within 24 hours of the competition closing.

Good luck!!!


Photo 12-03-2016 5 38 11 pm


A Christmas Giveaway / Pampering for Mums!

A Christmas Giveaway / Pampering for Mums!

1070071_427405380708504_1756099497_nChristmas is a crazy busy time for Mums and Dads. We are all thinking about spoiling our children and families, and don’t have much time to stop and think about taking care of ourselves! Bharti from Balancing Mind and Body is wanting to do just that, by offering one lucky Happy Ella After reader the chance to win their choice of:

One 60 minute treatment of:

  • Remedial & Deep Tissue Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
  • Advanced Reflexology
  • Ear Candling to include Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki
  • Ayurvedic Face-Lift Massage
  • Fertility and Pregnancy Support
  • Hot Stones Massage

or alternatively, the fabulous

  •  90mins of Pregnancy Bliss Package:  Massage/Indian Head Massage/ Reflexology

This wonderful prize is just what many of you need at this time of year! If you read my Friday Find post last week, you will know that I was lucky enough to experience a Pregnancy Massage and Indian Head Massage. It was wonderful and relaxing. If you feel that this is something that you, a family member or friend would love then this is the competition for you!

Entrants need to enter via the link below. Terms and Conditions are available on this link. This competition is open to Australian Residents Only. It will open at 9am AEDST and close next Monday 16th December at 6pm AEDST. The winner will be announced on the blog the following day.

Enter the Balancing Mind and Body Giveaway HERE.

Best of luck!


An Early Friday Find: St Kilda Mums

An Early Friday Find: St Kilda Mums

524582_418962491463659_1949656950_aI started this blog to document our memories, milestones and products that have helped us as parents. More often than not, I post each Friday about great ‘finds’ that I’ve come across. These include products, websites and all round little pots of gold that have helped me as a Mum. This week however, I want to share with you an amazing service that helps other Mums and Dads in need a little earlier than ususal….

St Kilda Mums is ‘fast growing local charity’ that collects and distributes prams, clothes and other goods to mothers in need across Melbourne. Started by Jess McPherson, a fellow Mum as an idea on her front porch, St Kilda Mums is an group of parents who believe that no child should go without basic needs like a cot or clothes. Countless prams that are put on nature strips as hard rubbish are collected and given a little TLC before being re-homed in families that need them. Over 400 volunteers share the load of collecting and distributing baby products to families all over Melbourne. They tap into Maternal Health services to work with those most in need and have used the power of social media to get their message out to Mums and Dads everywhere who may be able to help. This week for example they have put out for a call for donations of boy clothing from 6mths – 2 years. Within minutes, Mums are offering donations of clothes, and other Mums are offering to shuttle them to donation spots. A local shop in my neighbourhood…Mudd Puddle Children’s boutique has also offered its services as a ‘nappy drop off point’. Volunteers can buy packets of nappies and drop them off here, so that they can be collected and distributed from the new St Kilda Mums new warehouse and operations centre.

It’s often hard for Mums and Dads to finally let go of their precious memories. Whether it be a gorgeous outfit, or a loved toy…I can imagine the struggle of finally saying goodbye to these goods that brought your family such joy. Look at this example, from a Mum who decided to make a donation to this great charity. Her note says it all…


It might be a tip off about a pram spotted in a ‘hard rubbish’ collection, or a call out for a potential collection. St Kilda Mums is a fantastic local community group that helps so many parents and children. Think about all of those clothes that you have collected, the loved toys and baby gear. Next time you think about what to do with it all, consider giving St Kilda Mums a call. You can email them via  You can also ‘like’ their Facebook page here for updates, call outs and reviews of their selfless work.

469513_426511960708712_2051043081_oThey may be called St Kilda Mums, but they help Mums, Dads and kids all across Melbourne. As a Mum, I’ll be dropping off some nappies to Mudd Puddle so that other Mums can breathe a sigh of relief. They are a wonderful example of the power of good and ‘paying it forward’. Here’s hoping that this post helps them, even just a little. Got baby gear you no longer need? Got no one to pass it on to? St Kilda Mums will pass it onto someone who really needs it.

Please pass this on to other Mums so that they too can help St Kilda Mums continue their great work.


Memorable Mothers’ Day

Memorable Mothers’ Day

photo 5Last Sunday, I spent my second Mothers’ Day with my beautiful family. We woke to an empty house, following the wedding of our dear friends, and Daniel quickly raced over to his parents’ house so Ella could spend the morning with us. I can’t believe that it was my second Mothers’ Day – last year was such a blur! We had a gorgeous breakfast at home and then were lucky enough to have a combined lunch with both my and Daniel’s family at our good old favourite…Topolino’s in St Kilda. It really was a lovely (and practical) way to spend Mothers’ Day, with great company, great food and our beautiful little girl. Growing up so quickly…it’s scary to think that next year she will be running around the house!

Here are some snaps from our day…

A gorgeous morning with Ella, Dan and Lloyd…

photo 2

Lunch @ Topolino’s with the Sherlocks!


Reminiscing about family holidays circa 1985….

photo 4

As a ‘Grandmothers’ Day’ gift to Ella’s Nanna and Baba, I finally finished her photo book of her first year. I started this blog to capture the memories that we no longer print and store in albums like we used to!  However my aim is to compile photos once a year and create these coffee table books. There still is nothing like flicking through a photo album…

photo 1-1

She has grown so much…haven’t we all!

photo 2-1

A lovely thing to do on Mothers Day…

photo 3-1

And a nice way to share your Instagram favourites…

photo 5-1

All in all, it was a beautiful Mothers’ Day. So blessed and grateful for our health and happiness. I hope you all enjoyed your day with family as well.


Friday Finds: Mothers’ Day Mania

Friday Finds: Mothers’ Day Mania

This Sunday is my second Mothers’ day. Last year, it felt so surreal. I was still in the midst of finding my way out of the fog. I was still feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself in lots of ways. It was a lovely thing, just to have a cup of tea in bed, and an extra few hours sleep. I don’t know about other Mums, but the little things really make my day. When my husband makes me that cup of tea, when he gets up to get my daughter when she wakes. I am looking forward to a whole lot of ‘little’ things this Sunday. Apart from the fact that Ella will actually be sleeping over at her Grandmother’s (Baba’s) house, because her Daddy and Mummy will be recovering from her GodFather’s wedding….I look forward to seeing her gorgeous face on Sunday morning.

Being a primary school teacher, the theme of Mothers’ Day has pervaded school this week. Lovingly hand crafted presents and cards were carefully created and placed in school bags, ready to be revealed this coming Sunday. In case you, or your child, or their Daddy needs so inspiration to help things along this Sunday…I thought I’d share a few ideas that are simple enough for any child or Dad to master…heheh….

This super sweet hand card shows you how much they love you….


A gorgeous artwork created together, by each of your children…


A simply idea that any Mum would adore…


Walk with me Mamma….


What ever you do this Sunday, I hope that your day is filled with love, happiness and a cup of tea in bed. You deserve it after all……


*Images are linked to their original sources.

Welcome to our ‘Happy Ella After’ Blog

Welcome to our ‘Happy Ella After’ Blog

On the 26th Februrary 2012, my husband Daniel and I became the proud parents of our beautiful baby girl, Ella Grace. It was an instinctive thing that we immediately reached for the camera to document this amazing moment in our lives. Within seconds, our baby girl was featured in many photographs with her tired but amazed parents looking at her adoringly. Since that moment in time, we have found ourselves taking photos endlessly. Whether it be on our camera, iPhone or iPad, the ability to capture her first smiles, blue eyes and cheeky grin has been something that has brought us much joy.

In my world at the moment, it seems that babies are everywhere. When I mean everywhere, I mean that Daniel and I counted twenty friends who were pregnant and expecting their first or second children in the first half of 2012. Incredibly, this means that we have been blessed with people who are sharing similar highs and lows, joys and struggles as we tackle the challenge of learning to be a Mum and Dad. It still makes me laugh to think that we are parents. Parents of who we think (of course), is the most gorgeous little girl on the planet. Taking photos and videos of her growing and developing is something that we hope will help us to enjoy each and every moment, as well as keep her tiny and cute for maybe just that little bit longer.

Sharing these photos with our family and friends has also been something that we have both enjoyed immensely. Whether it be via email, Facebook or Instagram, being able to instantly share these happy memories with the people we love only makes this time more amazing. This world that our baby girl is going to grow up in is so incredibly different from the one that we knew as young children in so many ways. Digital cameras mean that we can capture that perfect shot, and share it within seconds, with anyone, anywhere! I was at my Mum’s the other day and looked at the vast array of photo albums that adorn the study walls. It amazed me to think that I haven’t placed a photo in an album in over ten years. The last complete album that I have was for my wedding, and that was made by our photographer. To think that my Mum spent so much time developing photos and placing them lovingly in albums, many with captions to remember the moment. It makes me a little sad to think that we do not do this anymore. To add to this, last week my iPhoto library on my Mac crashed. Thousands of photos could have been lost (and believe me, they have been in the past), and if it wasn’t for my back up, then Ella’s first few months could have been wiped out.

This made me think about making sure that I document this time in a way that is safe, so that we and her can look back over these amazing months. A friend recently asked me If I had thought about creating a blog to do just this, with the hope that one day, Ella might write her own posts to add to mine. I thought this was a great idea, and given that I have blogged about technology in education for a while, I thought that this something that I would love to do. Not only capture photos in time, but also stories that other people might find familiar and can relate to. It has been the support of great family and friends that has helped us through this challenging yet amazing time. I hope that this blog can help us to share the amazing moments in time that we have each day with our baby girl. Hopefully one day she can read over this and know how much we love her, more than we ever thought possible.

A special thanks goes to Ellie @ Pitter Patter Portraits for her amazing photos of our beautiful girl….