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Friday Finds: Apple TV

Friday Finds: Apple TV

This blog comes with a warning. It is openly about my love for Mac products. Some people may take offence and roll their eyes, but if you read on…you have to know what you are in for!

My friends know that I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to all things Mac. I work in a school that uses only Mac technology. I’ve converted my house into a PC free zone. I love nothing more than holding the newest Apple gadget in my hands and finding a way to integrate it into the classroom. Whether its an iPhone, and iPad, a Mac book Pro or a desktop….my philosophy is ‘once you go Mac, you can’t go back’. Whether you love or hate

Needless to say, that since becoming a Mum, this love has now progressed to a borderline obsession. Whether you love or hate Apple, you have to agree that their products do promote a sense of awe and wonder. If you are lucky enough to have a few products, the use of fabulous features such as home sharing and iCloud become clearly evident. Taking photos of my gorgeous baby girl on my iPhone, instantly pop up on our iPad. Songs that we download to our home desktop via iTunes are available via home sharing on my Macbook. Apps that we install on our products also appear instantly on other devices. Its so cool, I love it.

This year one of my favourite features has been Photo Streaming. As any new parent would attest, every day moments that are captured need to be accessible at anytime and anywhere. Photo streaming as meant that photos taken on my iPad can now be seen on my iPhone when out and about. Similarly, when I’m writing this blog, I can draw upon a range of photos taken from other devices easily via photo streaming on my laptop’s iPhoto library. It makes accessing and viewing photos really easy, and really fun.

I can’t believe therefore, that it took us so long to acquire ourselves an Apple TV. A couple of friends had told us of their love of this product, particularly in it’s ability to play videos from your iPhone or iPad, directly to your TV. Recently Dan and I got ourselves one of these little babies, and instantly we were blown away. Syncing your devices with the Apple TV simply makes your TV a sharing station for all the videos, photos, songs and apps you have. Ok, I know I’m a little biased, but seriously, for new parents this product is really cool.

Here is a summary of some of the features that new parents will love:

  • The ability to play videos and photos of your little ones from your mobile devices directly to your TV via Airplay.
  • The ability to play videos such as Charlie and Lola or Peppa Pig directly from your iPad to your TV. This means no more DVD’s everywhere!
  • Syncing with your home computers via home sharing. Any music you have in your iTunes library can be played.
  • Movies for Mum and Dad can be played directly to your TV via your home network.
  • The ability to access the iTunes store, meaning you can buy and rent movies, watch previews and listen to music (great for stressed our Mums and Dads).
  • The ability to mirror your iPad, meaning that you can surf the net, play games or look at apps directly on your TV.

At $103, I think that this device is pretty reasonably priced. Especially considering what it can do. It helps us to share the wonderful memories that we have. It also helps Ella’s Mum and Dad have a bit of down time so that we can remain sane. That has to be a good thing!

For more information about Apple TV and it’s features, click here.

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Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

This week’s Friday Find is literally about something that I lost and found. Sophie the Giraffe. I was introduced to Sophie at my baby shower. I was asked the question – ‘Do you have a Sophie?’. Not only did I not have a Sophie, I did not know who or what Sophie was. Sophie…as it was explained…was the number one teething toy for babies. She is the new black, the handbag equivalent for little ones, that they must never leave home without. Thank God for Mary (our family friend), not only for introducing her to me, but for also giving her to Ella. It was following my baby shower that I discovered that Sophie comes with a price tag of around $30! I was flabbergasted. She must have some sort of magic potion that miraculously soothes baby teeth, because for that price..I figured she must be special.

Since then I have discovered that Mums everywhere know and love Sophie, just as much as their babies do. You see, Sophie IS from Paris after all. My friend even told me that she is available for a third of the price over there, and can be seen in many a supermarket aisle! Sophie indeed seems to cast a spell on babies everywhere, because they all (including my Ella) love her. Ella chews on her for hours on end and so far, she has come through with flying colours.  Sophie that is. So it was with great horror, that yesterday as I arrived home from a day out, that Sophie seemingly vanished…

I have been known to be a little forgetful at times, but I knew that Sophie was something that I should keep safe, just as I would my wallet or iPhone. Sophie was no where to be seen. I searched high and low. I Called friends from Mothers group, and even declared a disaster on Facebook. Mothers alike shared in my pain as I searched for the missing toy. Those who did not know Sophie asked what this seemingly bizarre case was all about. Those who did sent their prayers and well wishes for the lost giraffe. Some shared their stories of lost Sophies from long ago, whilst others wondered why children they knew also had a giraffe named Sophie. Was it a coincidence? One friend pointed out what ‘an expensive loss’ she would be. I have to admit that this factor was on my mind as I thought about the cash I would need to splash out if I kept losing this precious giraffe. I prayed to Saint Anthony and kept up the search. Then…a breakthrough.

Sophie had wedged herself underneath Ella’s carseat. She must have had enough of the chewing and throwing on the ground. What ever the reason, I cannot tell you how relieved I was to find her. After a bit of a wipe down, Sophie was a good as new and back in the hands (and mouth) of my baby girl. Disaster averted. I hope that she stays around for a while. This Mummy doesn’t want to have to keep replacing her daughter’s expensive taste in teething toys. Even if she is pretty cool.


So to Sophies everywhere…I hope you stay put!


Friday Finds: Shhhh….The Quiet Book

Friday Finds: Shhhh….The Quiet Book

I stumbled across something called a ‘Quiet Book‘ a little while ago on Pinterest  and was captivated instantly. I immediately pinned it to my ‘Being a Mum‘ Board for a closer look at a later time (when Mums have spare time). A ‘quiet book’ I discovered, was a hand made, personalised book filled with lots of ‘quiet’ activities to keep toddlers and young children occupied for hours. The idea is that this book can be carried anywhere – in the car, the pram, to appointments…anywhere where children will spend time and need some entertainment. Even though there are so many great apps available for iPads and iPhones, I also believe that children need (lots of) time out from technology.  What makes these books really special is the focus on fine motor skills and concentration. Little fingers, tying, buttoning, matching. The sense of touch is brought to life. No whizz bang sounds and animations, just textures and fabrics. Boy o boy  could my Mum and Dad have used a few of these books as they drove four kids to Queensland year after year!

After I found these fabulous books, I thought that one day, I would make one for Ella and any other possible little Korbers that may come along. Not in my wildest dreams did I think that a friend would get in sooner and present Ella with one.  My dear friend Kate gave Ella just that, her own Quiet Book. Beautifully personalised with her name and lovingly made by a 75 year old lady. This book is filled with beautiful little activities that will require Ella to use her eyes and fingers to do a range of things. Most of all, it will require patience and persistence….something that little kids need to learn!

When you open a quiet book, your are immediately struck by the gorgeous features and details. Each page presents a new challenge. Press studs, buttons, bows, velcro….each task uses common objects for little ones to manipulate. The book contains:

  • Clothes to stick and hang on a line
  • Baby lady bugs to count, zipped up inside their Mummy
  • A kitten’s collar to buckle
  • Flowers to button on their stems
  • A mitten for Ella to slide her little fingers into
  • Shapes to match and press onto studs
  • Button Wheels to count on carriages with animal passengers
  • A doll’s hair to plait
  • Shoelaces to tie
  • A clock with hands to change the time
  • A hand made abacus with sliding rods
  • A puppy’s leg to bandage
  • A clown face to make

Below are some shots that capture some of these gorgeous pages…

Using the big and little hands to make the time, counting the beads on an abacus. I just love the fact that they are lovingly handmade for tiny hands to move, touch and play with…

Counting and feeling the buttons, popping the little animals in the different carriages. I can see Ella giving each of these animals different names!

I am so grateful to my beautiful friend for giving this fantastic book to my baby girl. I can’t wait for her to grow up and use it on many an outing, hopefully in peace and quiet!! If you want to create your own, or get some ideas from the other Quiet Books I found on Pinterest, visit here and here. In fact, Stephanie Segal has entire Pinterest Board dedicated to Quiet Books! Etsy also has some great ones that you can purchase here.  I would love to hear from people who have create their own quiet books and their experiences if they really do work! 🙂

I heart Pinterest!

I heart Pinterest!

My name is Kate Korber and I am a Pinterest-aholic. I never thought I would be, but I am. I admit it. I’m on this band wagon in a big way. When I saw all the talk about Pinterest (via Twitter and Facebook), I thought – yeah, yeah…another thing. Coming from someone who openly admits to loving social networking and the fantastic world of mobile devices, I was apprehensive to delve into this new ‘fad’, for reasons that I now seem to forget. After a year of learning to be a Mum (still learning and always will be), I was quite proud of myself for embracing Instagram and starting this little blog. I thought that I could not possibly be into something else – boy was I wrong.

I am always talking about (no raving about) the possibilities of Twitter in terms of networking and professional development for teachers.  It is such a fantastic tool to ask questions, share knowledge and resources. It really is an untapped resource for many who seek to broaden their networks, whether it be for a new business, community group or personal interest. I also used to love and use a fantastic resource called ‘Delicious’. Delicious was an online bookmarking service that allowed users to tag their favourite websites with keywords and save them to the ‘cloud’ (ie. the web). This means that all your favourite sites could be accessed any time, anywhere and be shared with anyone you like.

Pinterest brings this idea to a whole new level. As a teacher, and now a new Mum, interest has allowed me to browse the web and ‘pin’ ideas, resources and any new finds to virtual pin ‘boards’ that I have created. Instead of bookmarking a link, you basically bookmark an image from the site that you like. Thus you develop a fantastic pinboard of images relating to your topic of choice. As a new mum, this means that you can pin ideas for your baby’s room, cute clothes, recipes, art and craft ideas etc. If someone shares a great website with you – pin it! If you find a picture of a great birthday cake for next year – pin it! You can create boards for any topic you like!

Some of my favourite boards that I have created include:

  • Being a Mum
  • Kids Fashionista
  • Kids Wonderland
  • Fashion Style
  • Cool for School
  • Dream Kitchen
  • Dream Bedroom
  • Dream Bathroom
  • Education Inspiration
  • Awesome Interiors
  • Cool Images
  • Frames, Frames, Frames
  • Great Quotes
  • Technology in Education

The best thing about Pinterest is the ability to follow others, so you get to see what other people are ‘pinning’. You can follow every day people, friends, businesses, celebrities or anyone who inspires you. You can re-pin their ideas onto your own boards, email the link, share it via twitter or Facebook etc. You can browse through categories and look at what is hot in the world of interest at that point in time.

I think that the possibilities for this site are endless. If you were researching for your wedding, you could pin all your ideas to a board you have created! If you have a business, you could pin ideas for potential clients, or post images of things you are proud of within your own. If you are researching for ideas for your own home, you could create boards (like I have done) and save ideas for later. If you are a teacher, you could post ideas for the classroom for all areas of Education. This image is a snapshot of my board ‘Kids Wonderland’ which holds heaps of ideas for Ella’s bedroom. Some of these ideas I have used, some are for the future. Click on the image to be taken to this board.

As a Mum, I’m always on the look out for ideas and resources that make our lives a little more easier and fun. As a Mum on the go – Pinterest is a great way for us all to save the ideas that we would like to make happen, but always seem to forget. If you are like me, paper is the enemy – I never seem to remember where I put papers down. However I always have my phone or iPad handy and this site can help me to keep my ideas in order, even when my brain can’t. That has to be a good thing!

If you would like to share the love – follow me on Pinterest via

Instagram your memories

Instagram your memories

I have a confession to make. I’m an Instagram addict. This is hardly surprising as anything new and cool that arises in the area of technology generally takes a few days to become my new obsession. What I love about Instagram is a few things:

  1.  The ability to transform seemingly random photos into masterpieces with the fabulous effects, blur / focus options and frames. This means that any random Mum can take beautiful snaps of their precious children with the use of their iPhone or android phone. Capturing memories on the go is something that we all can do with this fabulous app.
  2. The ability to share photos instantly with loved ones and store them in a feed forever. All you need is to be logged in as a user.
  3. The ability to tag photos with keywords and / or meaningful captions e.g. #fabulous #memories #stayyoungforever
  4. The ability to comment on your own and other Instagram addict’s photos. It’s always nice to have someone love a photo as much as you do.
  5. You can access your snaps across space and time. This means your memories travel with you.

As parents, we are so busy. I can only imagine how much busier my life is going to get once Ella crawls and runs around like a crazy kid! Instagram means that I can capture precious memories of her growing and being cute in the park, at Nanna’s, at a friend’s place…anywhere.

Gotta love that!

Here are a few pics I’ve added to my feed over the past few days…..I can’t wait to capture Ella’s gorgeous smile as she grows…if I’m quick enough!

I love Mummy!