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A year in photos, a mountain of memories

A year in photos, a mountain of memories

Whilst Ella has had a epic sleep this morning, I’ve been able to tackle some washing, clean the house and start to sift through the mountain of photos that we have amassed since Ella was born. Over 5000 shots have been taken (is that normal?), and since acquiring a new computer, I thought it was time that I went through the snapshots and edited it down to a sensible amount. Needless to say it’s been a pretty amazing, challenging and joyous time and looking through these photos has made me pretty emotional. I started this blog because we simply do not store photos like the way we used to. I have back ups or back ups of photos, downloaded from my camera with the hope of making a photo album each year. I am determined to stick to this and hope that as her birthday draw closer each year, I can take the time to sift through them and choose the best ones to print and keep. Here’s hoping that she continues to have a long morning (or afternoon) sleep every now and then, so I can get the chance to look through them and smile….


And for those of you who might be wondering how I went? Well so far, I’ve reduced over 5000 shots to 292….a pretty good effort I think! (Mind you, that doesn’t include shots taken since the end of January though) 🙂


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Little Angel

Little Angel

In October, we Christened our little Angel at St Mary’s Church in East St Kilda. I’ll never forget telling my Nanna that we were having a baby. She was so excited, not only because we were pregnant, but because there was an almost guarantee that she would be baptised. I was Christened at St Therese’s Church in Essendon, along with my siblings, parents and Grandparents. My husband and I were also married there. It was hard to decide where we would christen Ella, but we decided that it would make sense to do it in our local church where she would possibly go to school. It was such a lovely day, the sun was shining and Ella looked so beautiful.

What made the day even more special was that she was able to wear the Christening gown that I wore when I was baptised. The gown was handmade by my Grandmother, crocheted in beautiful wool. It was such a different gown compared to those that most wear, but it held such sentiment and meaning. My Aunty Clare also gave her a beautiful gold pin with her name engraved. This was something that my Granny had also done for each of us. It was such a lovely thought, and Ella wore it on the day.

In Christening Ella, we had a small gathering. Her Godparents (our dear friends Bridgette and Geof) were so happy to share the day with us and take on this special role in her life. Most parents always worry about how their child would react when blessed with the water at the baptismal font. Ella was a trooper and did not shed a tear during the whole thing! In fact, she was calm and curious during the entire service.

We topped the day off with a fantastic lunch at Topolino’s – a St Kilda institution with pasta, pizza and salad. It was a great way to celebrate with both sides of our family. Our little Angel truly is so lucky to be loved by so many.


Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

Friday Finds: Where is Sophie?

This week’s Friday Find is literally about something that I lost and found. Sophie the Giraffe. I was introduced to Sophie at my baby shower. I was asked the question – ‘Do you have a Sophie?’. Not only did I not have a Sophie, I did not know who or what Sophie was. Sophie…as it was explained…was the number one teething toy for babies. She is the new black, the handbag equivalent for little ones, that they must never leave home without. Thank God for Mary (our family friend), not only for introducing her to me, but for also giving her to Ella. It was following my baby shower that I discovered that Sophie comes with a price tag of around $30! I was flabbergasted. She must have some sort of magic potion that miraculously soothes baby teeth, because for that price..I figured she must be special.

Since then I have discovered that Mums everywhere know and love Sophie, just as much as their babies do. You see, Sophie IS from Paris after all. My friend even told me that she is available for a third of the price over there, and can be seen in many a supermarket aisle! Sophie indeed seems to cast a spell on babies everywhere, because they all (including my Ella) love her. Ella chews on her for hours on end and so far, she has come through with flying colours.  Sophie that is. So it was with great horror, that yesterday as I arrived home from a day out, that Sophie seemingly vanished…

I have been known to be a little forgetful at times, but I knew that Sophie was something that I should keep safe, just as I would my wallet or iPhone. Sophie was no where to be seen. I searched high and low. I Called friends from Mothers group, and even declared a disaster on Facebook. Mothers alike shared in my pain as I searched for the missing toy. Those who did not know Sophie asked what this seemingly bizarre case was all about. Those who did sent their prayers and well wishes for the lost giraffe. Some shared their stories of lost Sophies from long ago, whilst others wondered why children they knew also had a giraffe named Sophie. Was it a coincidence? One friend pointed out what ‘an expensive loss’ she would be. I have to admit that this factor was on my mind as I thought about the cash I would need to splash out if I kept losing this precious giraffe. I prayed to Saint Anthony and kept up the search. Then…a breakthrough.

Sophie had wedged herself underneath Ella’s carseat. She must have had enough of the chewing and throwing on the ground. What ever the reason, I cannot tell you how relieved I was to find her. After a bit of a wipe down, Sophie was a good as new and back in the hands (and mouth) of my baby girl. Disaster averted. I hope that she stays around for a while. This Mummy doesn’t want to have to keep replacing her daughter’s expensive taste in teething toys. Even if she is pretty cool.


So to Sophies everywhere…I hope you stay put!


Pregnant Pause

Pregnant Pause

When I was pregnant, I remember thinking that I needed to capture my growing bump throughout my pregnancy. I wanted to do it in a creative way, something along the lines of those cool Mums who photograph their growing belly each day and then put all the photos together to make a cute little twenty video, compressing nine months into twenty or so seconds. Well, like all good intentions time got away from me, and I either forgot, couldn’t be bothered (to get off the couch) or was busy doing something else that pregnant people do. So many people told me to ‘stop and smell the roses’ – capture the moment so you don’t forget it.  The thing is, time goes so fast these days that it’s hard to stop and take it all in, and this makes me sad.

I was looking back through the (thousands of) photos that I have taken this year of our darling little girl. We don’t have to worry about having missed any moments in Ella’s life so far…let’s just say her life is extremely well documented! Before Ella was born, my husband gave me a fabulous SLR camera as a Christmas gift. However, I noticed that whilst we have hundreds of photos of Ella, there are hardly any of her with her Dad, and even less with me. I have been trying really hard of late to make sure that I capture precious moments of her with her dad. Often what happens however, is the person who remembers to take all the photos ends up not being in any. I guess I’ll have to make a conscious effort to remind friends and family to make sure that I get snapped holding my little one or else I will end up having nothing to show for it!

Whilst looking through the photos on my iPhone, I found the few photos I took of myself whilst pregnant. Mainly in response to others’ requests for pictures showing my growing belly. It’s so funny to look back on how much my body changed over those months, and hot it has once again transformed back into  a semblance of its old self. To be honest, I remember saying throughout my pregnancy that I would;t miss the bowling like ball that I carried around, but really, I do. I look at these pictures and remember feeling a sense of awe that something was growing inside of me. At the same time, it was so hard to imagine and comprehend, even after looking at the scans. I guess what made it real were the beautiful kicks that I felt each day. These kicks, whilst bordering on karate chops in the end, grew stronger and stronger until the final weeks when Ella clearly loved the idea of pushing my ribs outward until they almost broke. Whilst at the time this felt really painful, the tumble turns that she often perfected is something that I remember with love. It was a little reminder each day that slowly but surely, she was coming.

In Melbourne, we are today celebrating the last day of winter. I cannot wait for the warmer weather and long summer nights spent at the beach. These photos reminded me of how hot it was in the final stages of my pregnancy. Laying on the couch with our dog Lloyd, no energy! The day I went into labour it was 42 degrees and we spent the day at the beach and in car yards looking for a new car! This summer will bring with it a different set of photos – hopefully lots of beautiful beach shots, swimming for the first time with our baby girl.

I can’t wait!