Half way there! We’re having a……

Half way there! We’re having a……

It’s amazing to say this, but this week marks the half way mark of my second pregnancy. Amazing to say the least. It’s flown so quickly compared to my first. I guess you are just so busy with a toddler, and with work, the end of the year, Christmas etc. that you don’t have the time to stop and think about everything like you do when you are having your first baby. Everyone says it, but if you are experiencing your first pregnancy at this moment, then just enjoy the time to take care of yourself, and do all those things you love to do on your own. Whether it be watching an episode of Sex and the City, taking an afternoon nap, reading a book, or going shopping, do those things now, because it gets much harder the second time!

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Yesterday we had our twenty week scan and I’m very happy to report that everything looks great. A very active baby inside my tummy, which can only mean that he or she is a happy little Vegemite. That brings me to the topic of what you can find out at your twenty week scan, namely the sex of your baby. As I lay down on the bed, I was asked by the Ultrasonoligist what ‘we wanted to find out today’. As I looked at Dan, I replied ‘we don’t want to know what we are having’. She smiled and said that is all she needed to know. Don’t get me wrong, we would love to know if we are having a girl or a boy. If we have a girl, we wouldn’t need to buy a thing. The pink will remain and the bags and bags of clothes will indeed be put to good use. And if we are having a boy, well that would just make our day as well. It’s weird, but if we found out, there is just something in me that feels as though I’m cheating. Like I’m finding out what I’m getting for Christmas before hand.

In this day and age, most people tend to find out what they are having. To be honest, it has been my experience that most people I have come across did find out. Whether they were open about it, or kept it to themselves. It has actually been quite surprising how few people do not find out the sex of their baby. I guess this time around, it would be easier to find out, but I just feel as though there are some things that in life that a truly a surprise and I want to keep it that way. There was something so magical about discovering that Ella was a girl when she was born.

It’s like wanting to know your future. Of course, everyone wants to know…but I guess…in this case…it just feels right for us to leave it a mystery for a few more months. As long as we know that it is healthy and happy inside my tummy, then all is well. In life, there are not too many things that keep us guessing…and I look forward to the time when meet our little ‘dos’ (number 2) as Dan calls ‘it’.

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So when people ask me if I know what we are having….I say….’ We are having a BABY!’. Everyone is different, and whether you find out or not, we are just blessed that everything is going well.

Did you find out the sex of your baby, or did you wait? I’d love to know!


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