An early Friday Find: Valentines Day Kids’ style

An early Friday Find: Valentines Day Kids’ style

With Valentines Day coming tomorrow, there is always much hype around the day being ‘commercialised’ and ‘tacky’. I say make the day about family, and do something from the heart. Given the fact that Dan and I are parents now, I couldn’t think of a better way to express our love, by including Ella. I thought I’d share some great Pinterest ideas I have found that are simple, inexpensive and really come from the heart…

‘Thumb body loves you’ – definition of cuteness…


Handmade heart – who wouldn’t feel loved?


‘You light up my life’ card – simple and fun to make..


‘Be mine’ valentines card – hands and hearts combine…


LOVE…a gorgeous art idea for family…


‘You’re one in a Million’…a yummy valentine treat


and finally my favourite…a beautiful card that says it all…


So whether you plan to go out or stay in, these Valentines day gifts will be sure to make anyone feel loved.

I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

kate*Each image is linked to their original Pinterest source

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