New Giveaway! Tinybeans Photo Book!

New Giveaway! Tinybeans Photo Book!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to review the beautiful Tinybeans Photo Books by creating one for Ella. If you missed the review, click here. If you are anything like me, you take hundreds of photos of your little ones, and if you are smart…use the Tinybeans App to store, keep track and share them with loved ones. The problem is, that even though we can flick through these snaps on our mobile devices, there is nothing quite like a printed book of photos. The team over at Tinybeans, have cleverly linked their app with the ability to create beautiful, personalised photo books. If you use the Tinybeans App, it is so simple to choose your favourite snaps, and have the book delivered directly to your front door!

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What is even better, is the fact that Tinybeans are giving Happy Ella After readers who use the Tinybeans App, the chance to win your own Photo Book filled with three months of your chosen memories. This is valued at over $50 Australian dollars, and includes postage direct to your door.

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If you know anyone who uses this sensational app, then please forward this giveaway on to them. It’t the perfect way to celebrate and hold onto the photos of your children. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be able to function as a snap happy parent without this app, and the photo album has really brought them to life!

This competition is open to readers world wide. Entry is via Facebook, accessible through the link below. Entry into the competition is acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out in the app link. The giveaway will open Monday 17th March at 7am AEDST and will close on Monday 31st March at 6pm AEDST. As always, readers will need to ‘like’ both the Happy Ella After and Tinybeans Facebook pages. Entrants can also earn extra points by sharing what they love about Tinybeans in a comment below.

Good luck!





12 thoughts on “New Giveaway! Tinybeans Photo Book!

  1. I love the fact that the app reminds me to take a photo everyday. I am usually horrible at keeping up with these sorts of things but I have done it every day since November. Amazing!

  2. I’m totally addicted to Tiny Beans! It’s great for the grand parents and friends, who sadly live in a different country to us, to see my little bean grow. If I forget to upload a photo for one day, boy do I get in trouble!

  3. I love having a safe place to store organize and more importantly share pictures of my son with family. Tinybeans also motivates me to not only take pictures but to capture special moments each day in his life. I don’t know what I would do without it!

  4. Tiny beans app helps overcome my “baby brain” reminding me to take a pic every day- now even my hubby says “have you taken your tiny beans photo today?”
    Love the share function as well so my daughter’s grandparents overseas keep up with her pictures every day too. Can’t wait for her first birthday so I can see a picture of her everyday for 365 days in the tiny beans book. Love this app- I recommend it to all my mummy friends. Can’t wait to use it for my next pregnancy and baby 🙂

  5. I live the app as the whole world doesn’t need to know that know that I am obsessed with my baby… Only my family knows it 🙂 and living in a different country as my parents it is just so much easier and so much more private way to share our moments of joy!

  6. I have put in a photo or note for my 10 month old for every day since she was born. The grandparents and aunties love watching her grow on the app and it will be a beautiful momentous to print it out as a photo book on her first birthday.

  7. I love my tiny beans app. It means I can share special moments with my mother in law who lives interstate and my parents who are travelling around Australia. I’ve had the app for over a year now and its so nice to look back on all the milestones and cute things they used to say or do, It’s so easy to forget these little things. I’m looking forward to showing them to my son when he gets older.

  8. I love TB as I love flipping back through days and months and see how much my bub has grown and changed. It’s amazing to see how different he is but also makes me a little sad to see how time has flown and he’s not so little anymore! Also, as I live remote, I can share pics with my family who we don’t get to see often so they get to see him growing as well! A great app.

  9. Such a fab app. Love sharing it with family and friends and seeing the comments they make. Lovely for others to see what we’ve been up to and how he’s coming along. The hours I’ve wasted just looking back from the beginning!! Great Nana is the biggest fan and at 80 it just shows how it’s accessible to all

  10. Tinybeans is a lovely way we are able to keep our family near and far up to date with our sons latest adventures! My husbands family are all in Finland and they love the daily updates especially the videos. It’s become a daily ritual for both grandmas to check for their Tiny beans fix.

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