Friday Find: Keep the ANZAC memory alive

Friday Find: Keep the ANZAC memory alive

This week’s Friday Find is a simple one, yet it could have a profound effect on your family. Today I share with you some simple ideas to help keep the ANZAC memory alive with your children. As the Great Grand Daughter of a soldier who fought at Gallipoli, I am very passionate about teaching our young children about the sacrifices made by those brave Men and Women so many years ago. Hopefully the lessons learned will ensure that our children will never have to face a time where they will have to go to war to fight for peace and freedom.


I have created a simple Pinterest Board with lots of ideas, books and creative ways to teach your children about the ANZAC legend. I hope it helps you help keep the ANZAC memory alive. Simply Click on the link below…

Click here to visit my ANZAC Pinterest Board




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