A simple smile changes everything…

A simple smile changes everything…

The first few weeks of having a newborn can swing between blissful love and exhausting monotony. The song, ‘Eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ can be used to describe the routine that never ends, and I whilst we are not raving, we are certainly raving mad at times. You cuddle this little baby, kiss their forehead, change their nappy, burp their tummies, feed their apetite, rock them to sleep. You calm their cries, wipe their tears, sing them a song and shield their fears. You begin not knowing them at all, and after a few weeks, can tell the difference between their cries. When they are hungry, tired, in pain. It is all so different. And yet, for the first few weeks, it is hard to tell if they know you. If they know that you are their Mother or their Father. If they know that you would do anything to protect them or make them happy. The sleepless nights and the long days are spent together, and for weeks on end, they are there, looking around, in your arms. However it is not until that first glance, that first smile, that everything seems to fall into place.

A smile to speak a thousand words...
A smile to speak a thousand words…

With one little smile, your heart melts. With one little smile, your chest bursts and you actually feel your entire body light up. They know you. You make them happy. Happiness can be defined in seeing your child smile for the first time. You see muscles in their face that you hadn’t seen in the weeks before. You thought you knew them so well, and yet, with that first smile, you seem to meet them again for the first time. That little baby becomes a person who feels and knows what it is like to be happy. You make them happy.

It can be the moment that gives a parent the energy to keep going. The exhaustion seems to fade away, and it all seems worth it. You know that you have done something right. That little smile is the best feedback in the world. No words. Just a little signal that speaks volumes.

You are their Mum, and they know it.

Ten weeks and he smiled for the first time!
Ten weeks and he smiled for the first time!

Last week Hudson smiled for the first time. Given that he was four weeks prem, we have been told to add four weeks on to any expected milestone. The timing was spot on! It is funny that with this smile, he has seemed to turn the corner, and his colic seems to be settling somewhat. The connection that I have felt with him over the last few days has been wonderful. Seeing his sister see him smile has brought me such joy. Seeing his Dad besotted with love all over again.

Seeing your baby smile changes everything. If you are a new parent who feels tired, exhausted and a little overwhelmed…. hang in there. A simple smile changes everything, and makes you feel like the happiest person in the world.


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