Going Grrrrrrrrrrey

Going Grrrrrrrrrrey

I’m going grey. There I’ve said it. I’m going grey, and yes, I hate it. I started going grey in my mid twenties and since then, particularly in my thirties it’s been getting worse and worse. It started with a few stray hairs,then a patch, then since having my second baby, boom. It’s everywhere. I’m lucky in that I’m light, and get my hair treated with foils in three different types of blonde, but this time around, it’s just gone crazy. Im starting to get really paranoid and I hate it. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m going grey, heaven knows that there are so many of ‘us’ out there, but it’s just so unfair! They say that stress and genes have a part to play. Many women go grey after having children, and this has been the clincher for me. Our poor bodies go through so much, and yes it is wonderful to have such an amazing ‘prize’ at the end, in the form of my beautiful babies, but I wish that our hair could be spared in the process. I’m up for stretch marks, body shape changes, heck, even a weak bladder, but going grey, and for me going greyer after having my babies is a pill that is very hard to swallow.


The problem is, that it’s going to become increasingly expensive to cover. I normally have my hair treated in a blissful few hours at the hair dresser every two months, but this time, I really need it touched up after 5 weeks. It seems to be showing through in places that it wasn’t before, and, well now I’m scared that everyone will notice (yeah, I know it’s my fault given the ironic fact that I’ve now professed it to the world).

I’d like to think that I’m not vein, but when it comes to my hair, I am. Don’t get me wrong. all power to any woman who wants to go fully grey and do without the expense of dying it, but I just don’t want to. Not yet. I love having lovely hair, and for me, that means having no grey.  I mean C’mon, I’m only 35! I know that there are plenty of women who go grey a lot earlier and I don’t want to sound like I’m winging, but, well, I guess I am. Whilst my kids are both sleeping, I should be doing the ten loads of washing that need cleaning after our return from our holiday, but for the past hour I’ve been googling options, and looking around at what to do. Continue with the hair dresser, or go with home colour? Is there a better option?

I know it’s just my bruised ego, but I’m genuinely feeling down about it, and I guess, want to know from other Mums who have experienced the same thing.

What is a (semi) grey haired girl to do?

I should feel better for getting this off my chest, but I’m actually petrified / mortified / worried / scared…..you get it…

So with that, I take a deep breath, and press ‘publish’.


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  1. Kate me too -you are not alone! I was sitting on the train today considering letting it grow through but I’m 38!!!!! Not yet, not yet & yes I am so much greyer after the kids…I feel your pain! X x x Verity

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