Performance Review: Air Play

Performance Review: Air Play

Sometimes you see something that totally takes you by surprise. Sometimes you see something that makes you stop, and just enjoy the magic of the world for a short little while. Last night I was lucky enough to attend the opening performance of Air Play at the Arts Centre. The brain child of New York performance duo: Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone, this hour long performance is just delightful. Magical. Simple. Mesmerizing.

Sewn from the sky: umbrellas, kites, balloons and snow are the constant companions of brother and sister whose rivalry is only matched by their affection, and as their unbound imaginations launch them on wordless adventures far beyond the everyday you might wonder if they’ll ever touch the ground again. Think beautiful fabric flying through the air catching the wind from over twenty fans. Streaming into the audience, they invite and captivate everyone’s attention. Everyone. Whilst it is targeted at families, both children and adults were smiling from ear to ear. As they play with balloons, umbrellas, fabric and even glitter, for an hour you are transported to your childhood. You sit in awe mesmerized by the simpleness of flight. I was completely taken by surprised by the way it spoke to my heart, and even found myself welling up at one point.

They combine their performance with the perfect amount of humour, and the sound track engages you like nothing else I have seen. It simply lifts your soul and invites you to escape for a short little while.

It is beautiful. Whether you take your children, or a friend, you will love it.

Air Play is playing until Sunday 22nd January: so get in quick before this magical show floats away to another place.

For tickets and more information, head to:


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